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jf Jd Ronaldo Nazario, the Phenomenon who suffers as owner with Valladolid - The Times Hub

Ronaldo Nazario, the Phenomenon who suffers as owner with Valladolid

    Ronaldo Nazario, the Phenomenon who suffers as owner with Valladolid

    Ronaldo Nazario He enjoyed and suffered a dizzying sports career as a footballer that placed him among the greatest footballers of all time.

    If 1993 was the year of his emergence at the Cruzeiro, when he was just a 17-year-old boy, his first iconic image on a global level was the celebration of the Brazilian team in Los Angeles at the 1994 World Cup, when he appeared, smiling with a blue shirt and number 18. He did not play for a minute in that tournament and few attended to the United States going directly to the Netherlands to join PSV to fill the void left a year earlier by Romario. From there … the story.

    Ronaldo Nazario, the Phenomenon who suffers as owner with Valladolid

    Ronaldo Nazario reiterated that he will not sell to Real Valladolid. Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

    The story ended on February 2, 2011, when he played his last professional match with Corinthians, defeated by his physical problems and hypothyroidism that forced him to say goodbye and begin to assess his future away from the pitch. Because Ronaldo, the Phenomenon, ruled from the moment he withdrew his intention not to pursue a career as a coach and that, in some way, he wanted to continue linked to the world of football from his offices.

    It took him more than seven years, in which he worried about studying professional management in clubs, until in September 2018 he acquired 51 percent of Valladolid’s property in Spain, according to reports at that time for an amount close to the $ 35 million. “The management will be defined by four words: competitiveness, transparency, revolution and social. We will have the friend Carlos Suárez and the group of workers of recent times” proclaimed Ronaldo on the day of his presentation as the new owner of the club, of which at After 14 months (in December 2019) he had 73 percent, determined as he was to place the modest Valladolid among the reference clubs in the Spanish League.


    But football seldom offers such accurate results as one would expect before the ball starts rolling. If as a player Ronaldo knew first-hand the taste of disappointment when he could not imagine it (impossible to forget the scudetto that Inter lost on the last day of the 2001-02 season and that was the prelude to his departure to Real Madrid), such as President, as owner, has discovered the difficulties of running a professional club.

    “I hadn’t suffered so much when I was a player,” he sincerely revealed during a conference in February 2020, discovering that his project to consolidate Valladolid in the first division, prior to taking one more step forward and placing him at the level of clubs like Villarreal, Real Sociedad or Sevilla was much more complex than he would have expected upon arrival.

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    Ronaldo not only found himself with the need to face an important debt with the Treasury, but also to convince that his bet on Valladolid was not a simple game. He had to deal with that debt that ate up practically everything that was paid in for television rights and he found facilities in frank decline, forced to improve them and even confront city politicians threatening to leave the stadium and build a new one outside the limit. from Valladolid. Or even buy the José Zorrilla …

    “Here I stake my money and it is clear that I must be very above all things. It is not easy,” he has solved on more than one occasion in the more than two and a half years that he has led the club. “He was looking for a club to buy before the World Cup in Russia and with the project underway what we want is to get to fight with the best,” he explained in November 2019, admitting that living in Madrid makes things easier for him with the support of his top advisers but that, in the end, it is the ball that dictates the sentence.

    In the 2018-19 season, the first with him at the helm, Valladolid was saved on the penultimate day, thanks to a victory in extremis in the field of Rayo Vallecano, and in the following season they suffered again to maintain the category to three end dates. When he arrived at the club, which had just been promoted to the First Division, the coach was Sergio González, who in the last days of the previous season had occupied the bench to replace Luis César, and Ronaldo decided to give him all the confidence …

    So much so that the Catalan coach remains in the position in the final stretch of the third season with Ronaldo as president, who has kept Sergio despite many pressures from the club’s environment when the results have not been, as is the case now. , the expected and the decline is once again a real threat.


    With ten games to go to finish the league, Valladolid is in the same situation as in recent years. Barely three points separate him from the relegation places and he is known to be condemned to fight until the last day to maintain the category. And he does all of this in the field while in the offices the owner maintains his commitment to continue in command.

    “My intention was to be at least five years, but I think I will continue for a few more,” he said in December 2020, when in a public appearance before local journalists he denied that he was considering selling the club. “I am not going to sell. I have no intention of doing so and it is false that I have asked for 80 million to sell it,” he said.

    “This club has suffered difficulties for many years and now things are going well, we are improving and people realize it. But those who were before are still bothered by the growth of the club, they are ghosts that are out there spreading ‘fake news’ and annoying. In the world of football it is not news to anyone. We will continue working, even if rumors come out to damage the club “he sentenced, assuming his continuity” in the medium term “as manager of Valladolid regardless of how the season ends.


    Ronaldo has never hidden that his dream would be to transfer to his business side, as an owner, the success he achieved as a footballer; but at the same time, he is aware that this is a very remote possibility considering what he achieved on a pitch. And more in a club like Valladolid, to which he has given all his energy, but suspects, he cannot lead him to the places he would like.

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    If Valladolid is a learning stage, a first step in his career as a manager, supported by a very close and highly trusted team of collaborators, we will have to see it in the future, which is not yet known near or far. To this day, the Phenomenon’s maximum aspiration is to close the season with salvation in hand and start preparing a project, already with an audience in the stadiums, in which he can smile again and, who knows, abandon the difficulties that lie ahead. they have multiplied in these two and a half long years.

    “The pandemic has been a very hard blow for all the clubs and we are suffering a lot,” he revealed a few months ago, realizing the concern of watching football from the sidelines, without being able to influence as much as he would like and giving meaning to that proverbial phrase: “as a footballer I never had such a bad time.”

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