Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Rona cuts 300 positions in Canada, including 180 in Quebec

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A Rona store in Magog


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Retailer Rona announces the elimination of 300 jobs in Canada, including 180 in Quebec, which will result in the closure of the distribution center Terrebonne in March 2024 and Calgary in October 2024.

In Quebec, organizational changes at the Boucherville head office affected approximately 115 employees, while in the Greater Montreal area, a distribution reorganization affected approximately 40 employees and realignment of store resources affected 25 employees.

In this new phase of our evolution, we must simplify our operations and eliminate the inefficiencies created in recent years, explains the company in an email sent to Radio-Canada.

Rona also claims that these cuts will help finance important strategic investments in different areas, such as RONA+, digital and our merchant network.

Last June, Rona announced a restructuring which resulted in the loss of 500 jobs.

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