Ron DeSantis thanked Miami-Dade, where a Republican did not win 20 years ago

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The Florida governor and conservative leader won a wide margin and confirmed his prospects as a presidential candidate for 2024

The governor of Florida was re-elected on Tuesday

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, reelected this Tuesday by a wide margin in the United States midterm elections, affirmed after his victory that many Americans have moved to Florida because “the cities and counties governed by the liberals have seen an imposed totalitarianism.”

“People come here because our policy works, we have historic results,” said the Republican after learning of his victory.

The governor welcomed that after his victory and the The results obtained by the Republican candidates have “rewritten the political map” of Florida, which with these results reflects a clear inclination towards that conservative-leaning party.

A reflection of this is the victory obtained by the governor, as well as by Senator Marco Rubio, in Miami-Dade County, the most populous in the state and where a Republican candidate has not won since 20 years ago.

Thank you Miami Dade County. Thanks to Palm Beach County. But now we continue to count the votes. But it is clear that in these elections we will have obtained a significant number of votes from people who perhaps would not have voted for me four years ago. And I want you to know that I am honored to have earned your trust and support over these four years!” he said.

Ron DeSantis thanked Miami-Dade, where he didn't win a Republican 20 years ago

Ron DeSantis salutes after Tuesday's win (Reuters)

“In these last four years, we have seen great challenges for the people of our state, for the citizens of the United States and, above all, for the cause of freedom. We watched freedom and our way of life in many other jurisdictions in this country wither on the vine. Florida held the line,” he added.

DeSantis started as a favorite to prevail over his opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist, and according to US media projections, with more than 88% of votes counted, he is almost 20 percentage points ahead (59.4% over 40.0%). .

DeSantis, 44, is expected to seek the Republican nomination for the White House in 2024. That probability has already provoked the wrath of former Republican president Donald Trump, 76, who began attacking him a few days ago, but this Tuesday acknowledged that he voted for him.

Accompanied by the first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis, and carrying the couple's daughter in his arms, the Republican stressed that “many Americans” have come to Florida because it is “the promised land” and “a ray of hope.” /p>

“We chose education and order, we have protected the rights of parents,” said the governor after highlighting what he described as achievements during his first four years in office.

DeSantis thanked all of his campaign staff, volunteers, and “the most important thing,” he said, “is to thank the best first lady in all 50 states. A great mother of our three children, a cancer survivor,” he said in praise of his wife.

Ron DeSantis thanked Miami-Dade, where no republican won 20 years ago ;os

Republican voters celebrate (Reuters)

DeSantis' resounding victory contrasts with his narrow victory four years ago, when he won the governorship by less than a percentage point, and also underpins his future candidacy for the White House, as some media are predicting.

“We have achieved more than we thought four years ago and I have only begun to fight” , he said as he bid farewell to his voters.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)

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