Romania cleared a naval mine that was drifting off its coast

Romania cleared a naval mine that was drifting off its coast

Romania neutralized the naval a mine that drifted off its coast

Romanian Navy  

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, stray mines appeared in the waters of several Black Sea countries

The Romanian military on Sunday evening carried out a controlled detonation of a naval mine that was drifting near the country's Black Sea coast. This was reported by the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

Mines began to float in the Black Sea after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, and Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish military divers had to clear the sea mines drifting in their waters.

Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of installing them.

The Black Sea is an important water area for the transportation of grain, oil and oil products. Its waters wash the coasts of Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Turkey, as well as Ukraine and Russia.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense said the mine cleared on Sunday was drifting about 3.7 kilometers from the coast. This is the second mine that the Romanian military has had to clear since March.

Rogue mines pose a threat to merchant ships and supply chains.

The cost of insurance for oil ships passing through the Black Sea has skyrocketed. A new Romanian gas platform in the Black Sea, which has been operating since June, had to be launched without obtaining insurance for it, because it was not possible to get it due to the risks associated with the war in Ukraine, including due to mines found in nearby waters.