Roma Stadium, goodbye to Tor di Valle after 7 years

Roma Stadium, goodbye to Tor di Valle after 7 years

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Roma Stadium, goodbye to Tor di Valle after 7 years – Stadio della Roma, everything needs to be redone. The Capitoline Assembly approved with 17 votes (by roll call) out of 19 present the resolutions for the revocation of the public interest in the project of the Tor di Valle plant.

The M5s, now with a majority reduced to 20 councilors (including the mayor Virginia Raggi) out of 49 elected, has found the side of the Democratic Party and of the Left for Rome – signatories of some amendments – to be able to get the act approved.

The other 29 elected members were absent, two councilors – one from Fdi and one from the PSI – chose not to participate in the vote. There is, in fact, the risk of legal appeals, with the proposing company Eurnova which in recent days has leaked the possibility of a legal action against the Capitol, with damage estimated at at least 60 million euros.

It starts all over again

After 7 years of practice, two mayors, as many projects, the process for the facility owned by the Giallorossi club must now start all over again. And it will take years. In between, a judicial investigation for alleged corruption, which involved managers and elected officials in the Capitol. Above all, the President of the Chamber Marcello De Vito, former M5s now in Forza Italia, on trial on charges of corruption in one strand of the proceedings. And then the former Acea manager Luca Alfredo Lanzalone and the builder Luca Parnasi.

Decisive the step back of the Giallorossi club at the end of February. The new US property, the Friedkin family, has announced that the conditions for confirming interest “in the project launched by former owner James Pallotta no longer exist.

The club recalled that: “The pandemic has radically changed the international economic scenario, including the financial outlook” on the stadium. Translated: in the era of smart working and events with reduced capacity, there is no convenience in building a plant with 55 thousand seats with an adjoining business park, with various mobility risks. Now Rome would be studying alternative solutions, for a structure with 40 thousand seats, in the Ostiense area near the Gazometro, or in Pietralata or Monachina.

“We look to the future”

“Now let’s look to the future. I want the Roma stadium to be built. The city is asking for it, the Giallorossi fans and the club are asking for it. We will see you soon with the Friedkins: it’s time to make the dream of many a reality “, comments the mayor Virginia Raggi. Given the long timing of the process, whoever will be, the next mayor will take care of it.

The center-left challenger Roberto Gualtieri he invited the other candidates in the Campidoglio to “not carry out electoral propaganda at the Stadio della Roma” and work “together to ensure that this time we are not mistaken and this saga that has been dragging on for too long is completed”.

While Carlo Calenda in recent weeks it has proposed Pietralata as an alternative area for the new project.

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