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Robots attack: China showed off combat dogs with machine guns

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Robots Attack: China Demonstrates Combat Dogs With Machine Guns

with machine guns/Screen from the video

The Chinese military presented a combat robot dog during joint exercises with Cambodia. It is equipped with an automatic rifle.

China has shown off a dystopian machine gun with robot fighting dogs, a sign of its rapidly growing military capabilities. The Telegraph writes about it.

A video from the Sino-Cambodian exercises “Golden Dragon 2024” shows a robot dog walking, jumping, lying down and moving backwards under the control of an operator. One episode shows a robot firing a rifle.

Also shows an automatic rifle mounted under a six-rotor drone, highlighting the diversity of China's intelligent drone equipment.

Instead of a Marine operating a weapon system, manipulating fuses, we could install a remote trigger on him that would allow him to do all of this remotely, said First Lieutenant Aaron Safadi.

By the way, the use of robots -dogs and small aerial drones for military purposes are not new. Last year, Chinese armed robots participated in joint exercises with the military from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam held in China.

Dog robots have gained wide popularity in the People's Liberation Army of China and they have been used in training with foreign militaries for at least a year.

Natasha Kumar

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