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In Germany, the production of grandchild robots for specialized homes for the elderly has begun. One of the first models was Emma, ​​a small robot developed by Navel Robotics from Munich.

These innovative machines, which are able to make eye contact and recognize facial emotions, are already being tested in several institutions for the elderly. This is reported by the publication BILD.

Emma can make eye contact and determine what another person is feeling by facial expression
– says the company's founder, Claude Toussaint.

The robots talk to the residents of the houses, reminding them of the past and recreating the atmosphere when their children were small. Thanks to artificial intelligence, they are able to tell jokes, listen to stories from the lives of the residents and even ask questions.

“It's amazing how open and interested the residents are about Emma. She is sweet and very responsive to people. Often people want to pat her on the head,” – says the director of the home for the elderly, Vanessa Münzenmeier.

After the successful completion of the tests, Navel Robotics plans to put these robots into mass production. The cost of one such robot will be approximately 48,000 euros. p>

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