Robot from Boston Dynamics taught to herd sheep

Робота от Boston Dynamics учат пасти овец

Spot gets new skills. Photo:

Robot dog Spot from the American company Boston Dynamics continues to learn new skills. So, recently in a Network there was video as he helps herd sheep in New Zealand, check crops, and possibly on the grass.

Video – part promotional video demonstrating the potential of the Spot in the agricultural industry, says Science Alert.

The video was created by the company-software developer Rocos, who works with Boston Dynamics. This is a demonstration of how to remotely control robots that perform a particular mission, even if the operator is sitting on the other side of the world.

For farmers this means that the robot is able around the clock to monitor fields to check crop growth or ripening fruit, and all this at a remote control. It can also be equipped with various sensors to evaluate the environment.

The Ministry of Rocos David Inggs, connecting robots to the cloud-based software, customers can expand their workforce to automate physical processes, which are often boring and dirty or dangerous.

LeMonade offers to watch this extraordinary video.

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