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1O mU Robert Whittaker vs. Paulo Costa middleweight bout set to headline UFC Struggle Evening occasion in April - The Times Hub

Robert Whittaker vs. Paulo Costa middleweight bout set to headline UFC Struggle Evening occasion in April

Robert Whittaker vs. Paulo Costa middleweight bout set to headline UFC Struggle Evening occasion in April


A middleweight battle between Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa will headline a UFC Struggle Evening card set for Saturday, April 17, the UFC confirmed on Friday. The conflict between the highest 185-pound contenders may arrange a middleweight championship rematch for the winner after each males have misplaced earlier conferences with champion Israel Adesanya.

Whittaker is on a two-fight successful streak since shedding the middleweight title to Adesanya in October 2019. Previous to the loss, Whittaker had received 9 straight fights, together with capturing the interim title and being promoted to full champion. For the reason that knockout loss to Adesanya, Whittaker has scored spectacular determination wins over Darren Until and Jared Cannonier to place himself proper again into title competition. UFC president Dana White acknowledged after the Cannonier victory that Whittaker would want no less than yet another victory to earn his championship rematch.

Costa suffered a brutal knockout to Adesanya in his most up-to-date battle as he challenged for the title. The fighters had exchanged months of aggressive trash speak, however Costa was outgunned within the Octagon. The loss was the primary of Costa’s professional profession and the Brazilian instantly started to name for a rematch, taking offense to Adesanya’s post-victory antics. He has completed 12 of his 13 victories inside the gap.

Adesanya, in the meantime, will transfer as much as gentle heavyweight to problem Jan Blachowicz for the 205-pound championship in March. That units up an inexpensive timeline the place, relying on the results of Adesanya’s battle and the place he locations his focus, the winner of Whittaker vs. Costa may obtain a rematch for the middleweight title in 2021.

Specifics for the Struggle Evening occasion, together with location and venue haven’t but been introduced. Nevertheless, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC has been holding occasions at both the UFC APEX in Las Vegas or in Abu Dhabi on Struggle Island.

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