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Robert Pattinson and the director of Smile are working on the remake of this cult film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Are you tired of remakes? Bad news for you: there's still one in the pipeline! But this one has some serious arguments in its favor, start with the involvement of Robert Pattinson and the director of Smile.

Robert Pattinson and the director of Smile are working on the remake of this cult film

too many remakes?

Recently,the artistic director of Pixar tackled Disney without any pity,pointing out its unfortunate tendency to multiply the remakes. Moreover, it has been a few years since a growing fed up around remakes has been felt.The problem is that most of them work: a remake brings in money for less effort on the part of the studios, who bet everything on cult licenses and public nostalgia. But we are still curious to see what the remake that Robert Pattinson is working on (Twilight, Tenet, The Batman) can give and the re-release. director of Smile, Parker Finn. And for good reason, this one will allow us to take a fresh look at Possession, a cult horror film from the 80s!

Robert Pattinson and the director of Smile are working on the remake of this cult film

possession, a reimagined horror film by robert pattinson and parker finn

Possession is a very special horror film, released in 1981. This Franco-German production starring Isabelle Adjani has become a cult classic, proving to be as scary as it is disturbing, even unhealthy. Four decades later, Parker Finn, whose film Smile 2will be released in October 2024, is preparing to be released in October 2024. direct and write the remake of this feature film in which a man discovers that his wife is cheating on him, but that the lover is obviously not a human being…

We won't say more so as not to spoil the surprise, but we are curious to see what such a story can produce with today's means, whileRobert Pattinson will produce the film via his company of production Icki Eneo Arlo. His presence at the screen would be a possibility, but nothing is sure yet.

For the moment, few details have been released. Revealed about the remake ofPossession, butit seems that A24, Netflix, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros are currently in the process of raising the bids,in order to take over the rights to the film.

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