RKS-Petrozavodsk employees have listed the strangest objects flushed down the toilet

Employees of “RKS-Petrozavodsk” noted that people often do not follow the rules for using the centralized sewage system. They listed the strangest objects Russians flushed down the toilet.
Image via: wikimedia.org
Employees often have to come to calls and eliminate the consequences of congestion in sewer communications. In September alone, RKS-Petrozavodsk received about 200 calls. Usually we are talking about personal hygiene items, even those that cannot be flushed down the toilet, but sometimes other items come across as well. For example, this year, medical masks began to appear in large numbers, which is caused by the current epidemiological situation. Among the strangest are car brushes, soft toys, packaging for dumplings, and once we managed to find a rod for fishing. The specialists also found pieces of asphalt and paving slabs in the pipes. The presence of foreign objects leads to congestion. They clump in the pipes and clog them. Employees of the communal service state that most often problems are observed in the networks of apartment buildings. In the private sector, residents are less dismissive of sewage.

Their colleagues from St. Petersburg in 2019 discovered an object in the pipe that belongs to sleeping accessories. In the Frunzensky District, a blockage occurred due to a 1.5-meter mattress that got into the pipe.

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