RKP wants those in the country illegally for education

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The chairman of RKP, Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson participated in Iltalehti's Suoraa puhetta election exam on Wednesday. IL-TVmika.koskinen@iltalehti.fiYesterday at 12:16

  • According to Henriksson, RKP is a liberal bourgeois party that also takes care of our country's bilingualism.
  • Henriksson: “RKP will not join a government that does basic Finnish politics”.
  • In its election programme, the RKP doesn't exactly reveal its savings or cuts, but in the IL exam four of them were found.

You say in your election program that RKP is a liberal bourgeois party. Is RKP no longer a language party?

– RKP is a liberal bourgeois party that also takes care of our country's bilingualism.

Are you somehow ashamed of the language party label when you do not mention this in your election program mention anything?

– Well, we're not ashamed of it, but of course our view is that we are the liberal bourgeois alternative in the middle, and that too must come out in a sufficient way, because we have also noticed that not everyone may always think that way.

Any form of government will work for the RKP if the party gets its language and regional political goals through in the government, for example the extensive 24/7 emergency service at the Vaasa Central Hospital. Is it like this forever and ever?

– Well, that's not how it goes, but in the previous government negotiations we succeeded in many things. We also succeeded in the fact that taxes have not been raised during this government term – an extremely important issue for RKP.

– And the government program is decisive for the future government foundation as well.

So it's okay to fuck, or is it okay?

– We are okay with a policy that is in line with our values. I have said that the RKP will not join a government that does basic Finnish politics.

You say that you want to pursue a responsible, sustainable and long-term economic policy and curb the government's indebtedness. Was it a responsible and sustainable policy that at the same time that Marin's government increased spending by billions because of the corona and the war, nothing was cut?

– Yes, we were also cut. I have to remember now that…

You didn't prune much.

– There was also a little pruning .

Where did you cut and how much?

– 370 million roughly.

It is indeed very little.

– Now we have to remember the conditions under which this government has operated. We have had a global pandemic. No one could foresee it. And you have to remember that the opposition has also been accepting this line in parliament by almost 95 percent.

That's probably the case, but there is a lot of spending there (in the budget) that could have been cut, when that money just isn't there now.

– For example, on the education side, extending compulsory schooling – which I think is a good thing – means that all children and young people are given equal opportunities to also attend high school, without having to pay for books.

RKP wants those in the country illegally for education

RKP's chairperson, Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson participated in Iltalehti's Straight Talk election exam on Wednesday, March 22. Pete Anikari

That was also done the most expensive way, when even the children of well-off people had to get free learning materials.

In your election program, you present the easing of taxation on work and pensions, but you present almost no cuts. Isn't there a need to save and not cut anything in the next four years?

– In my opinion, there is only a discussion in Finland about what to cut and far too little is said about how to get more income. That's why we have to remember that in order to create new jobs for us, we need a tax policy that encourages the establishment of companies, encourages the creation of new jobs and encourages innovation. That's why RKP doesn't want to raise corporate taxation, for example, and work should also always be worthwhile.

Wouldn't it be fair to tell the voters what your party is ready to cut, because it is absolutely certain that you have to save and cut, because we live so brutally beyond our means now.


– The situation now is that…

A few examples.

– I'll just get to it. Let's aim for the employment rate to rise to 80% and achieve an annual growth of 2%. Then, in the name of honesty, it must also be said that we also need adaptation, and in that we must carefully go through each administrative branch, where we can save. Let me take a few examples.

Thank you.

– During the government period, I have seen a lot of digital projects in which a huge amount of money has been invested, but we are not getting the productivity that we have been looking for. We must demand more when the systems are reformed and demand that those who make these systems produce for us exactly what we need.

– Then public procurement, they take 40–50 billion euros. It also needs to be more precise.

If public procurement is such a waste of money, why weren't savings already made during the current government?

– Yes, that work is done all the time, but it can be done even more precisely.

Sorry, but these sound like wishful thinking projects to me.

– It may sound like it, but it's a lot of money.

That is true.

– We are ready to look at business subsidies as well. Now that we are moving to a fossil-free society, the subsidies that maintain a fossil-based society must be eliminated.

– We are also ready to look at (savings) by administrative sector, but we will not cut back on education. You want to remove the consideration of the need for foreign labor. It is known that people from developing countries pay large entry fees to get to work in Finland. Aren't you worried about such a phenomenon?

– What worries us at the moment is that our biggest growth retarder is currently the labor shortage.

But I asked now about when workers from developing countries or third countries come here, according to the police statement, threshold money is regularly associated with it.

– It is not a good thing, and therefore companies must responsibly use this if we get to the point where the assessment of the need for foreign labor is removed, which is what RKP is aiming for, when we consider that companies know what kind of labor they need.

This also seems to have happened in Närpiö's greenhouse business in your core support area. The police suspect that dozens of Vietnamese were required to pay threshold money so that they could get to Närpiö to pick tomatoes, for example. Is this what RKP wants?

– Well, we don't want that. The very good thing about this is that this thread has been revealed.

Did it come as a surprise?

– Yes, it came as a surprise, and as the Minister of Justice I cannot comment on an individual case. It is very important that abuses are investigated and punished.

– We want honest work-based immigration.

Time to crack down on this Närpiö case. Are Närpiö tomatoes blood tomatoes?

– Well, it's not like that. It must be remembered that there are also many entrepreneurs in Närpiö who behave very honestly, and Närpiö's tomatoes can be eaten with a clear conscience in the future. for training. Why do you want tax-financed benefits for those who are illegally in Finland at the same time when, for example, Finnish social security services are messed up and people can't get treatment?

– We see that a child is always a child regardless his background, and the child must have the right to early childhood education and school.

– Many of these people are those who are unable to move back to their home countries.

You are not afraid that such a policy will make Finland an even more attractive country to seek asylum ?


– Oh yeah, okay. RKP is not silent about fur farming. We take it for granted.

There is silence in the election program.

– We take it for granted. It's a legitimate business that doesn't need to be mentioned separately.

Is the reason for the silence is that you fur farms are strongly dividing the party. HS's election machine says that RKP's candidates lean towards banning fur farms. Is this an internally sensitive matter for RKP?

– No. That has been a very clear issue in our party program. It is obvious that our party also has different views on the matter. As long as the party program is that we are advocates of fur plantations, the chairman will at least follow the party program.

Street gangs and street violence made up of people with foreign backgrounds are a growing problem. Should the punishments be toughened?

– The street gang problem must be taken seriously…

But should the punishments be tougher?

– I am ready for penalty scales are also considered. I think that if you commit a crime as part of a street gang, you could get a harsher punishment.

– There is certainly a place for extortion in the shooting crime legislation.

President of RKP, Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson participated in Iltalehti's Straight Talk election exam on Wednesday 22.3. He was tested by Iltalehti's politics and economics editor Mika Koskinen. Pete Anikari

RKP wants those in the country illegally education

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