Riverdale season 5: filming has started and it's already hot thanks to Archie

Riverdale season 5: filming has started and it's already hot thanks to Archie

Riverdale season 5: filming has started and it's already hot thanks to Archie

Riverdale season 5: a first photo of the shooting revealed You thought that Riverdale was going to evolve in its season 5? NOT AT ALL ! Filming for the episodes has just started after a six-month hiatus following the coronavirus pandemic and the series will be true to itself in this new season. The proof: the creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa posted on social networks a photo of the very first scene shot which shows … KJ Apa shirtless. The base !

Season 5 of Riverdale will not arrive until 2021 on the CW in the United States and in France on Netflix. We will therefore still have to be patient before discovering the end of high school and the dramas announced by the creator but also before knowing more about the time jump (discover PRBK's ideas for a successful time jump). Interrupted since last March because of covid-19, the filming of the series with KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart or Camila Mendes finally resumed this Monday, September 14 in Vancouver, Canada.

Archie already shirtless in the first scene

If Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper joked about her weight gain during confinement during an interview, KJ Apa, he did not stop the sport! The proof with the very first image of the shooting of season 5 of Riverdale. Just to get back on the right foot – and be true to themselves, the show crew kicked off the shoot … with a scene of a shirtless Archie. ” And Riverdale is back! Season 5 premiere: Archie in a sauna. Even in a world with covid, some things don't change … ” posted series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with the whole first photo where we can see KJ Apa without a t-shirt. We missed it …

Vanessa Morgan also announced to be back on the set and showed off her pink hair via social networks! The interpreter of Toni Topaz who had denounced inequalities in the series during the Black Lives Matter movement is currently six months pregnant and it is not yet known what will happen to her character in the rest of the series. Will Riverdale include her pregnancy after the time jump? Will it be hidden?

The first info on the sequel

During the broadcast of the improvised finale of season 4, the creator of Riverdale had confided in what awaited the characters in the fifth season. We already know that the three episodes originally planned to conclude season 4 will be the first of season 5 and then will be followed by a big jump in time of 7 years, if we are to believe Lili Reinhart. The first casting announcements hinted that some couples will have broken up and a photo even suggested Archie's death. To find out more, you will have to wait a little longer. Yes, it is long!

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