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Rise of hate crimes: a growing chasm biggest according to Amira Elghawaby

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Amira Elghawaby, Canadian special representative responsible for the fight against Islamophobia invited to the “Stage of Power”.

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In a first television interview in French with the Stage of Power, Amira Elghawaby, Canada's special representative in charge of combating Islamophobia, says: since October 7, her work to build bridges and encourage dialogue between communities has been “more difficult.”

Ms. Elghawaby, who herself faced threats and hate speech and who hears the concerns of the Jewish and Muslim communities, questions the ways to make sure everyone feels safe.

Faced with the pain of families here and elsewhere who have lost loved ones, and faced with the state of shock, this immense work to bridge a widening gap is even more important.

Ms. Elghawaby explained that she remained silent in the first ten days of the conflict, time to absorb this shock, and also time to make contact with the communities affected by the attack. Hamas. This silence had also been criticized by parliamentarians.

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Host Daniel Thbeault receives Canada's special representative responsible for the fight against Islamophobia Amira Elghawaby.

If since the start of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic hate crimes have increased by almost 500% in two days after October 7, Ms. Elghawaby points the finger at social networks and the messages conveyed there and digs deeper the divisions.

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A comment shared by the Liberal MP for Mont-Royal, in interview withStage of Power,a few weeks ago.

Maybe looking at social media, they (Internet users) don't know exactly how we can understand what's going on. There are already stereotypes that exist about our two communities, there are people who will use these stereotypes to promote more hatred against us.

A quote from Amira Elghawaby, Canada's special representative in charge of fight against Islamophobia

In addition to the images conveyed by social media which fuel hatred and negative emotions, it also highlights the ambivalent role of political discourse.

According to Ms. Elghawaby, in a context of strong social tensions, each person in a position of authority has the responsibility to find the words that will have a positive effect on our communities and to show sensitivity.

This political discourse, while it can be unifying, can just as divide.

Those want to find the divisions, they can find the people who talk like them, who think like them and they can stay in their own echo chamber. And that's their choice, she adds.

Ms. Elghawby warns against the black and white comments surrounding the conflict raging between Israel and Hamas and reminds us that beyond religion, the current struggle in the Middle East is a struggle for territories.

This interview with Amira Elghawaby will be broadcast on the show The Halls of Power at 11 h, on the airwaves of ICI RDI and ICI TELÉ.

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