Riot of prisoners against the Russian occupation in the Kherson Detention Center

Riot of prisoners against the Russian occupation in the Kherson Detention Center

Rebellion of prisoners against the Russian occupation in the Kherson Detention Center

Photo from open sources

The atrocities of the invaders never cease to amaze with their savagery, and their desire will curry favor with the Kremlin with its staging.

On May 11, 2022, in the Kherson Detention Center, on 10 Perekopskaya Street, prisoners staged a riot against the Russian occupation. After that, the National Guard arrived, headed by collaborator Evgeny Sobolev — head of the 90th penal colony, who took the side of the invaders.

In order to stifle the riot, the Russian Guardsmen used stun grenades, one detainee was shot dead. For «prevention» Russian barbarians took the head of the SIVS with them – Lieutenant Colonel Igor Guryakov, Head of Operations – lieutenant colonel of the internal service Yevgeny Usachev and Vakhtang Atamashvili were spoiled by “Vakha” — a criminal element, was a “watcher” in a colony.

After torturing and bullying the aforementioned persons, the Russian special services recorded a staged video message from Igor Guryakov, where he says that the riot in the detention center was allegedly organized by the SBU, and Guryakov himself has been an agent of the state security agencies since 2005 years under the pseudonym “Huron”.

But the Russian special services did not think that the SBU could be intercepted the conversations of those “who fell under the distribution” and their staged video will be perceived in a completely different way.

«– Well, we have a shorter n * zda, Kherson central, in short, a kid was shot there, the hut disappeared, where the kid was shot, this is all reliable information, everything is as it is. Shepel Sasha, in short, fucked him right away, understood, looked out the window – shot.

– Well, I already know that, but what about you, didn’t they come to your pre-trial detention center?

– Well, it’s quiet here for a shorter time, but soon it may be, we’re waiting, damn it, until we can understand anything, the sables are frolicking, we already understand who, what, how did you understand.

– Listen, well, this one told me that the one who was shot was as if pumped for the fact that he supports him without sanctions.

– Yes, he generally fucking looked out the window, they said not to approach the windows, he looked out the window, he was fucked in the head and that's it. We went into the next hut, the man started to say something there, he understood, he immediately had a trunk to his head, & nbsp; the man barely had time to fall on his knees, they didn’t fuck him, well, fuck me. Fuck me, the whole hut disappeared where this person was, who was fucked, fuck me to do it, it’s not clear, he’s being processed there, fuck it, of course, right now he’ll be covering everything that they are told there. Vakha lookout with Klim generally got lost along with Guryakov’s boss and Usachev was the first deputy there, they got lost somewhere in handcuffs together with them, they’re gone, fuck, they took them where, you’ll understand x * d. They don’t even let you work there, I fuck this cantor. We are in touch with the former garbage, we know this situation, well, it’s fucked up, the prison is getting in touch, but you understand that if they go there, then they won’t be there.

How we see that Russian propaganda has created another “proof” of their war crimes in Ukraine.

But nothing goes unpunished…

On 18.06. Regional UFSIN». The traitor survived, is in the hospital with injuries to both legs.

He is still alive. After all, the inhabitants of Kherson in every possible way “help” to the occupiers and their supporters – destroying them as much as possible and quickly.