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Rio Tinto begins the closure of its pre-cooked vat rooms

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The first pre-cooked tank room must close in April.

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The multinational Rio Tinto is taking steps that will lead to the gradual closure of its six pre-cooked vat rooms at the Arvida factory. The process should end in 2028.

A first vat room will end its operations next April. Two other rooms will stop in 2025. The last three will cease their activities between 2026 and 2028. The commissioning of these tank rooms dates back to 1926.

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The plan provides for the first closure of a vat room from the month of 'april.

Neighbors of the Arvida plant will soon notice the dismantling of several chimneys on the site.

The aluminum giant intends to move affected employees to other areas of the plant.

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For months, we have been talking with the Quebec government to ensure a harmonious transition that will limit the impacts on workers and their families by avoiding massive layoffs. /p>A quote from Stéphanie Gignac, Executive Director of Quebec Operations, Rio Tinto Aluminum

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Stéphanie Gignac is the Executive Director of Quebec Operations for Rio Tinto Aluminum.

At a press conference, the president of the National Union of Aluminum Workers of Arvida (SNEAA), Donat Pearson, described the announcement as good news.

We will make all the necessary efforts over the coming years to ensure that it is as harmonious as possible.

A quote from Donat Pearson, President, SNEAA

Currently, around 225 Rio Tinto workers work in the pre-cooked rooms and as many employees are attached to external contractors. The union is targeting no job loss at the end of this transition, referring to both Rio Tinto workers and subcontractors. However, he cannot commit to the future of the latter.

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Arvida National Aluminum Employees Union President Donat Pearson hopes there are no losses employment at the end of the transition.

Upcoming projects at the Jonquière Complex will notably require the contribution of several of these workers, starting with the installation of 96 new AP60 tanks, an electrolysis technology with a low carbon footprint. The $1.4 billion project was confirmed by the multinational earlier this summer.

The current environmental authorization for pre-cooked tank rooms in principle expires in 2025. Last April, the company requested a postponement of this deadline. Rio Tinto therefore managed to reach an agreement with the government for this transition plan.

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