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Rimac presented the driverless taxi Verne: when it will appear on the roads

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Rimac unveils Verne driverless taxi: when will it hit the roads

Unmanned taxi Verne/Rimac

The company Rimac presented its own robotic taxi called Verne – in honor of the author Jules Verne, who wrote fantastic novels. After all, the Rimac Verne robotaxi is also the embodiment of what was a fantasy just a few years ago.

Electric supercar maker Rimac has announced the launch of a self-driving taxi service and unveiled the Verne. The service is due to launch in 2026 in Zagreb, Croatia, followed by Verne in 11 cities in Germany, the UK and the Middle East.

Transport features:

1. The Rimac Verne robot taxi does not have a steering wheel at all. Accordingly, fully autonomous control is required, which was helped by the specialists of MobilEye, an Israeli company that develops various sensors and autonomous control systems.

2. The robot taxi is deprived not only of a steering wheel, but also of some usual automotive elements – for example, a wiper (since the sensors do not require this). And this, accordingly, somewhat changed the usual body design, especially in the front part.

Rimac presented the driverless taxi Verne: when it will appear on the roads

Driverless taxi Verne

3. The Rimac Verne robot taxi is made in the form of a 2-seater coupe-hatchback, with two sliding doors for access to the interior and a separate trunk lid. A pair of folding seats and a huge 43-inch display await passengers in the cabin. The robotaxi is controlled by voice commands, and the preliminary call and settings are made through the application on the smartphone.

4. Although there are no precise technical characteristics of the robotaxi yet, there is already a plan for its use. Yes, the Rimac Verne robot taxi has already been approved for test operation in the city of Zagreb (Croatia, where Rimac is from) starting in 2026. Further, the territory of using the Rimac Verne robotaxi should expand to 11 cities in Germany, Great Britain, and the countries of the Middle East. png” alt=”Rimac presented the Verne driverless taxi: when it will appear on the roads” />

Verne driverless taxi

It will also be possible to call Verne using a mobile application. It will also be possible to adjust the interior lighting, temperature and even fragrance from a smartphone.

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