Rigoberto Urán and the humorous response when asked about the management of the mayor of Medellín: “This son… is going to make me warm here”

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The Paisa cyclist made journalist Juan Diego Alvira laugh with his response about Mayor Daniel Quintero of Medellín

Rigoberto Urán and the humorous answer when asked about the management of the mayor of Medellín: “This son .. it's going to make me warm here”

Rigoberto Urán, EF Education EasyPost. Photo: EF Education EasyPost

Rigoberto Urán gave his opinion on the management of the Mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, because after the journalist Juan Diego Alvira's repeated question for his opinion, he finally gave in to the question, but not before making a comment to express his discomfort about it: “This hijue…. is going to make me hot here”, saying it between laughs with the interviewer.

Rigo was asked about how he has seen the city of Medellín on his return to the country, because according to Alvira the capital of Antioquia is polarized, so he asks the athlete if he also feels that way: “I just arrived, seven months out . I have hardly gone down to Medellin, but I have seen a very divided city, here it was characterized by being very united, but you cannot lose it. Sometimes there are doubts”, then Alvira asks him if he likes Mayor Quintero: “Many don't like him”.

However, the journalist, seeing that the question was evaded by Rigo, insisted that he give his opinion, to which Urán jokingly replied: “This son…. is going to make me warm here” and then proceeded to answer: ” I am a friend of all these guys, there are things that people agree on, others that they don't, it's that we politicians respond like this, asshole”. “Well, he supports sports, I'm missing something, to have more information, I don't study much, I don't read much… It's a very big topic to cover”, leaving his answer there.

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Urán is one of the athletes who has been most careful about talking about politics, being cautious when talking about the national government in power, because he says that with whomever is there you have to work, he said a few years ago. The rider from Urrao, Antioquia, is now in Villavicencio finalizing details of what will be his Giro de Rigo where the special guest is the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar, twice champion of the Tour de France.

Recently, his team, the EF Education EasyPost, revealed that the Colombian will continue two more seasons in world cycling, thus postponing his definitive retirement from the sport of cranks. At 35 years old, although his level has been a little different compared to other years, he still appears in the great tours of the calendar, as happened in the Vuelta a España between August and September where he won his first stage in the Iberian round. and was in the top 10 of the race towards the end.

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It is expected that his following seasons will be able to expand his record, being also one of the most important chips for his squad when accompanying the new talents, as happened with Diego Camargo and Daniel Arroyave, needless to say, still do not clarify their sporting future with the American squad after two seasons racing with them. It is worth remembering that for the next season, Urán will have Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz as co-leader in the grand tours, mainly in the Tour de France.