Rick and Morty: this episode of season 6 is a real technical tour de force, here's why

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In early September of this year, fans of the animated series Rick and Morty were able to ;cover the first part of season 6. And for those who are a little behind, there is always a way to catch up, the previous season having been available on Netflix for a few months already. And as fans eagerly await the continuation of the wild adventures of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, one of the creators strong> from the Adult Swim series recently shared the difficulties encountered during the production of one of the episodes from the latest season.

Rick and Morty: This Season 6 episode is a real technical tour de force, here's why

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an episode with a lot of morty

Season 6 of Rick and Mortystarted to from September 4, before being put on hiatus last month after the sixth episode aired.And as the season is due to resume today with its second part< /strong>, one of the creators of the series, Justin Roiland, tells us more about the behind-the-scenes of the creation of the series, by revealing in particular the difficulties of creating the series. s related to the production of a particular episode.

Indeed, it was in an interview with Comicbook that Roiland confessed; that episode 2, titled; “A Mort-vie bien vivée” (Rick: A Mort Well Lived in VO), had been; particularly complicated; to save, and this because of the number of characters present having the voice of Morty. Because you should know that from the very beginning, it is Roiland who lends his voice to the character, but also to the character. Rick's.

Rick and Morty: This Season 6 Episode Is A Technical Tour De Force, Here's Why

In episode 2 in question, the two protagonists find themselves trapped in the reality game; titled Roy, first discovered in Season 2 Episode 2, after alien terrorists inspired by the Die Hard saga attack the famous Blips and Chitz arcade, causing a temporary power outage. This is how the identity of Morty will find himself torn between the five billion NPCs in the game, all of whom will have the same voice as Morty.

Roiland will then begin to explain the process that allowed him to give life to; this episode, describing in particular how he tried to to make the voices have subtle changes to distinguish them from each other, but still want to keep the familiar toneso characteristic of Morty's character. He said:

The way the show receives me, it's an interesting process because obviously there's the first recording and I went there. and I really tried to do something a little different for all those Mortys. As subtle as possible, but something different. Then, the series has many rounds of rewrites and changes that occur throughout production. It's already arrived once, when I returned with rewritten scenes and I was like, “Oh my god, what did I do? What were all the little things I did for each different Morty? ;rent? It's been so long since I really remember. I think there's been less and less of what I originally intended to do with the differences. subtle as multiple rewrites accumulated over time.

Rick and Morty: This Season 6 Episode Is a Technical Tour de Force, Here's Why

Roiland later clarified that this had already happened. produced once in the past, during the Rick Citadel episode, where a large gathering of Mortys could be seen. He thus explained that he had to take on a heavy burden to give life to; countless characters, although there weren't as many as in Season 6 Episode 2.

Rick and Morty: This Season 6 episode is a real technical tour de force, here's why

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