Rick and Morty season 5 : 1 episode per month for the following ? The creator entrusts himself to

Rick et Morty saison 5 : 1 seul épisode par mois pour la suite ? Le créateur se confie

Rick and Morty season 5 : 1 episode aired per month for the following ? The creator entrusts himself to

And if the season 5, Rick and Morty changed (again) its means of distribution ? Justin Roiland – the co-creator of the animated series to Adult Swim, just announced, he hopes to see the comedy not to suggest that only one previously unseen episode per month.

While the second part of season 4 of Rick & Morty is ready (already) to come to an end, Justin Roiland – the co-creator of the cult comedy, has just announced a very good news to Slash Film, “season 5 is almost over“. A revelation that is reassuring after the recent confessions of an actress on the conditions of dubbing-related to the outbreak of the Covid-19, even so, be careful, these new episodes could potentially increase the frustration of the fans to a new level.

New broadcast for season 5 ?

The compère Dan Harmon has in effect confessed, he dreams of a mode of diffusion different for the series. While the 10 new episodes are expected with this season 5, the one who also lends his voice to Rick and Morty (yes, it is the same person behind the mic) has surprisingly declared, “I spend my time to say it, we should broadcast one episode per month“.

A madness ? A torture ? Perhaps, but Justin Roiland is convinced of it, that would make the experience even more pleasing, “It would create a big event each time. I like the idea of doing it differently. If you stream a month, it allows the series to be present over an entire year“. Especially, another reason much more important, “this would allow us to have more time to make episodes always so good !” It makes you think…

Adult Swim will decide

Well, we assure you, this decision will never be hers. The showrunner then reminded, “This is something that is outside of my jurisdiction. Adult Swim will do what it believes to be the best thing for the series“. And obviously, the american chain may be quite the opposite of his desires and offer to this season 5 broadcast much more satisfying than the previous, “I think if they have 10 episodes of a shot this time, they will spread without a break“. Relieved ?

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