Rich in protein and B vitamins: experts talked about the benefits of popcorn

Rich in protein and B vitamins: experts talked about the benefits of popcorn

Rich in protein and B vitamins: experts talked about the benefits of popcorn

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Delicious, nutritious and light snack. It's all about popcorn. Any movie viewing becomes more interesting with it. However, as it turned out, not all popcorn meets these characteristics.

There are only 30 calories in one cup of popcorn and about a gram of fiber. Therefore, after eating a handful, you can feel full for several hours. It was on popcorn that Madonna lost weight after giving birth.

Corn is rich in protein, B vitamins, fiber, and some minerals such as zinc and magnesium. In our palette, corn is a very rich and valuable product, so we use it as a vegetable, use it in the form of cereals or bake it – any option is acceptable, delicious and nutritious, ”explains nutritionist Natalia Suslova on the air of the Ukraine channel.

And popcorn is now for every taste: cheese, bacon, caramel and even condensed milk. There are dozens of types. But are they all useful? It turns out the homemade popcorn bags don't quite fit the concept of “right”.

When we opened a packet of uncooked popcorn, we saw a huge lump of fat – this is refined, deodorized fat. These are those unnecessary calories, these are the fats that completely disrupt lipid metabolism at the cellular level, reduce the elasticity and permeability of our vessels, and we all voluntarily and often use all of this, ”says food technologist Elena Sidorenko.

And also the Teflon coating of the bag, under the influence of high temperatures, releases carcinogens and can provoke lung diseases. Therefore, it is best to cook popcorn in a skillet. But if you buy ready-made popcorn, it is also easy to check it – it should smell like corn and you need to monitor the composition.

And the last option is sweet popcorn in caramel syrup and this product is for children.

Caramel 26% and added sugar 37%. It's just a bomb for your body – not only does the body need to digest the grain, but also it is watered with caramel filling, ”the expert comments.

All these additives – spices, flavors and fats reduce the usefulness of such a snack to virtually zero, and sometimes even make it harmful.

Therefore, you can feast on these no more than once a month. It is also best to take a small bucket, as eating too much can cause bloating. And if you still want to enjoy quality popcorn, then it is better to buy grains and make it yourself. For cheese lambs, add Parmesan. For savory – garlic powder. For hot ones – paprika. And if you want something sweet, dark chocolate shavings and a pinch of cinnamon are useful. Such popcorn will be not only tasty, but also healthy.

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