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Rheinmetall presented an anti-aircraft tank based on the Leopard 2

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Rheinmetall presented an anti-aircraft tank based on Leopard 2

The image of a new work of Rheinmetall engineers appeared on the network. They installed a Skyranger anti-aircraft turret on a Leopard 2 tank chassis. The name of the hybrid has not been revealed. The German concern confirmed the design of a new air defense system.

The development presented by the concern looks quite logical. The fact is that the Leopard 1 is used as the chassis of the Gepard anti-aircraft tank, which is in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, its purpose is not entirely clear. The tank chassis provides for the use of an air defense system on the battlefield. However, not everything is so simple.

The Skyranger 35 turret uses a 35mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun. It can fire up to 1000 shots per minute. The flight range of anti-aircraft shells is 4 km. This is clearly not enough to participate in hostilities. For example, Russian Mi-28 and Ka-52 helicopters are capable of hitting targets from a distance of 10-15 km. Thus, they will be out of reach for hybrid anti-aircraft.

The new development of the German concern can be used in the rear to protect critical infrastructure from kamikaze drones and cruise missiles by analogy with Gepard.

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