RF ready for war 30 thousand. volunteers – CNN

RF ready for war 30 thousand. volunteers – CNN

Russia is ready for 30,000 volunteers – CNN

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The Russian Federation to carry out a mass mobilization of volunteers

Out of 30,000 mobilized close thirds are planned to be sent to Donbass. Most of them don't have any military evidence.

Volunteer battalions are being formed all over Russia to send them to war in Ukraine. According to the estimates of analysts, over 30 thousand osib can be mobilized, with which a military permit is not required. About Saturday, 30 pm, remind CNN.

Significantly, that Russia is trying to replace its soldiers, as if they were exiled for five months of war, the one whom the defenders of Ukraine liquidated. Of the 30,000 mobilized close thirds, they plan to throw it on the Donbass.

Last week, the head of the British MI6 intelligence agency, Richard Mu, said he was confident that it would be more and more important for the Russians to send a working force by stretching the offensive forces. Tse, in his line, give Ukraine the key opportunity to strike at the enemy.

Putin has been working on the idea of ​​global mobilization in Russia for a long time, and the call of the spring of 2022 is similar to the turn of the year. Volunteer battalions are one of the ways to increase the number of the army of the Russian Federation without such a radical cut.

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Earlier it was reported that Russia was ready “imperial legion” for war price Ukraine | The Kremlin is gaining strength, as if it were clearly in line with the neo-Nazi ideology, which was included in the list of especially unsafe terrorist organizations. There are less than two members of right-wing radical groups – the Russian Imperial League and Rusich.