Reznikov reacted to suspicions of ex-officials of the Ministry of Defense

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Reznkov was suspected of ex-officials of the Defense Ministry


Ministry of Defense of Ukraine gave law enforcement agencies the right to investigate the rights, pov's of many officials of the department. About what the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs in Telegram.

The department appoints to carry out rechecks in the air' The Ministry of Defense maintains a zero tolerance for corruption and skin information about the possibility is clearly distorted. In times of confirmation of the facts, the authorities give a legal assessment, and the Minister of Defense of Ukraine will respond accordingly and receive the necessary personnel decisions, – it is said in the report.

So they guessed what the baby had in 2022 taken from planting, and for a month it was called v.o. director of the department of state purchasers and the supply of material resources of the Ministry of Defense. Under some circumstances, they took the intercessor of the Minister of Defense from the plant.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga 

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