Rewind AI, the app that can record everything you do on a Mac

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The Rewind AI app is presented as an activity history for Apple devices

Rewind AI, the application that can record everything you do on a Mac

The Rewind AI application is presented as an activity history for Mac devices, although it could also present drawbacks related to user privacy. (9to5Mac)

Rewind AI is a new application available for Apple Mac devices that allows you to save a record of the activities that are carried out in them as if it were a browsing history, although it is not only limited to the web pages that are visited.

According to 9to5Mac, the function of this application is to record and record each and every one of the things what a user does on their computer all day every day not only in relation to clicks, but also things that have been said, seen and heard during the time of use. In this way it is possible for people to “go back in time” and review what happened on a certain date.

The application is presented as a “search engine” in which you can search for everything that has ever been displayed on the computer screen by means of a < b>recording which starts automatically. Storing that many videos would be a drawback to the memory capabilities of Macs, but according to Rewind each file can be compressed to make room for “years of recordings”.

Rewind AI, the app that can record everything you do on a Mac

The Rewind AI app enables a timeline that users can navigate to find a specific time of the activities you did during the day. (Rewind AI)

In addition, it has the ability to present transcripts of things that have been said during meetings through video call applications. In this way, users can do text searches within the device and find similarities both in web pages or exact moments of a video.

In addition, the < b>application adds a timeline on devices that allows users to rewind and fast-forward recording time similar to how a video works from YouTubewith the difference that it is possible to pause time at a specific moment and, if the user wishes, copy something “from the past” and take it to a document or activity “from the present”.

For further customization within the platform, users can also search within specific applications installed on the Mac as well as customize which ones are not recorded within the device. However, this has not prevented the application from being flagged as a tool.invasion of privacy.

Rewind AI, the app that can record everything you do on a Mac

The Rewind AI app for Mac is presented as a “finder for life” by recording everything you hear, do and say on the device. (Rewind AI)

User privacy issue

According to the ArsTechnica media website, the Rewind AI application may present a risk to the privacy of users as it may expose them to potential abuseby partners, bosses, law enforcement officers and even repressive governments in which the freedom of citizens is not respected.

In addition, legal problems can also arise that affect people by recording sensitive information and causing inconveniences related to the consent of people who do not want their conversations during meetings to be recorded.

The Rewind website has stated that users' privacy will not be affected as screen recordings are saved within the device they use , so only they are able to have access to that information. Similarly, each person who decides to use this application will have the ability to pause or delete the recordings of the sessions of use.

On the other hand, within from the application's support website, Rewind AI instructs users that consent is important and that only those who agree to it should be recorded. “Before you record someone you should ask for their consent (…) other participants in the conversation will not know that you are recording them unless you inform them”.< /p>

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