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Review of Wab Kinew's first 100 days at the head of Manitoba

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On October 3, 2023, Wab Kinew became the first member of a First Nation to lead a province. (Archive photo)


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Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew celebrates his first 100 days at the helm of the province on Friday. According to political scientists, his mandate is going smoothly so far, but challenges could arise when legislative work resumes this spring.

On October 3, 2023, Wab Kinew became the first member of a First Nation to lead a province in Canada.

According to professor of political science at the University of Winnipeg Félix Mathieu, Mr. Kinew always benefits from this symbolic aspect.

The symbol is still present and extends beyond the borders of the province. I recently walked around Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto and people told me about Wab Kinew. We weren't talking about Heather Stefanson or Brian Pallister at all, he says.

The symbol is still very much alive and it It must be said that he is very skilled on social networks to get people talking about him and communicate his message.

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Félix Mathieu, professor of political science at the University of Winnipeg (Archive photo) < /p>

Félix Mathieu adds that the leader of the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) quickly got to work, particularly because of the short parliamentary session before the holiday season, and went beyond the symbol.LoadingInternational Court of Justice does not order ceasefire in Gaza

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Yes, on a symbolic level, the law which recognized Louis Riel as the first premier of the province was adopted. But we also took concrete action with the adoption of the law for the gas tax holiday for six months, he explains.

University of Manitoba political science professor Christopher Adams says the honeymoon with Manitobans continues, but could fade in the coming months.

I would say Wab Kinew is in a good situation. The NDP has not made any major mistakes since taking power. The government still has to deal with problems in the health system and long waits in emergency rooms, he explains.

The public will give the NDP a safe pass, but I think that by the summer this honeymoon effect will diminish.

In addition, according to him, the suspension of the collection of the gasoline tax initiated in January poses a challenge for the government.

This is a way for Wab Kinew to show that the New Democratic Party does not just tax and spend, that they can reduce taxes. However, this raises questions about the negative impact that this could have in the development of the provincial budget [tabled this spring], analyzes Christopher Adam.

While waiting for the resumption of parliamentary work on March 6, Wab Kinew and his party are not confronted with questions from the opposition, particularly on the budget, and have mastered the list of political priorities, note the two political scientists.

In addition, the conservative opposition, busy looking for a new leader, is struggling to make itself heard.

The interim leader [of the Progressive Conservative Party] is not a well-known figure, so his role will be a little more hidden. As he is not an established chef, he will not try to create a wave and will leave that to the next chef, believes Félix Mathieu.

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