Revealed the identity of the new Ford Mustang

Revealed the identity of the new Ford Mustang

A video of the new Ford Mustang was shared on the Internet. The premiere of the seventh generation of the cult model will be held on the 14th of spring. About tse tell the site Carscoops.

Published both official and unofficial videos of the Ford Mustang 2024. Stink to give an understanding that the sporty coupe preserves the classic silhouette from the old hood and the rear interior. At the same time, the front part of the car will become aggressive – the radiator grille should be made wider, and the LED headlights – thinner.

The identity of the new Ford Mustang has been declassified

The interior of the Ford Mustang has not been declassified, but vіdomo, scho there zmіni will be radical. Inspired by retro style to modern design with a large virtual instrument panel and multi-media touch display.

The video from Ford gives an idea that the line will save the Mustang GT version with a 5.0-liter V8. At the same time, the first Ford Mustang hybrid in history will appear, and you can take advantage of the new drive.

The new Ford Mustang will be shown at the Detroit auto show. Presentations of a rerun of a special car race for the participation of vintage Mustangs from different release dates. Guessingly, the model was produced in 1964 and in total over 10 million Mustangs were produced – the most popular sports car of all times in that nation.