Revanchist Orban believes in the invincibility of the Rashists and calls for negotiations with them

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The revanchist Orban believes in the invincibility of the Rashists and calls for negotiations with them

Ukraine will not have enough quantitative resources to win in war against the Russian Federation.

The odious Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, considers it a “lie” the fact that Ukraine is capable of winning a war with Russia. He expressed this opinion in an interview with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

"To win the war, the main thing is a quantitative resource. In Russia, it is clearly larger, so this is a lie. This is not only a misunderstanding, it is a lie and impossible. Anyone who is involved in politics and understands logic, numbers and data knows that this is out of the question,", – he declared.

At the same time, Orbán supposedly "deeply sympathizes" Ukraine, but does not believe in its victory.

"We have to understand that we cannot defeat the Russians with our thinking. They will not kill their leader. They will never give up. They will keep the country together and protect it", – said the clearly pro-Russian head of the Hungarian government.

Orban is also sure that the more money and weapons Western countries give to Kyiv, the more weapons the Russian Federation will produce. It is supposedly better to agree with Moscow on a new security architecture that will ensure the security and sovereignty of Ukraine, but not membership in NATO, the pro-Kremlin politician believes.

"If any Western country sends its troops, it will mean a direct war between the West and Russia. And we will immediately find ourselves in the Third World War. This is a very dangerous moment,", – he emphasized.

Recently, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke against the European Commission's plan to provide Ukraine with greater financial support.

He also stated that Ukraine allegedly cannot win a war against Russia. According to him, the war can allegedly be stopped only when Russia concludes an agreement with the USA.

Hungary has promised to block the allocation of further aid packages to Ukraine if Kyiv does not revise its decision on restrictions against the largest Hungarian bank OTP to the list of sponsors of Russia's war against Ukraine.

This financial institution recognizes the Russian occupation of Luhansk and Donetsk, and also provides loans to the racist military.

We will remind you that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed his indignation at the statement of the NATO Secretary General during his visit to Kyiv that Ukraine should become a member of the Alliance in the future.

Earlier, Orban called Ukraine a “financial non-existent”, lamenting that Europe helps it finance many basic needs, and declared that without this support “the war will end immediately”.

In addition, the ruling party “Fidesz” failed a draft resolution that would have called for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the warrant of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

As you know, relations between Ukraine and Hungary deteriorated in 2017, when the Verkhovna Rada passed the law on education. Hungarian chauvinists decided that he limited the rights of their diaspora in Zakarpattia Oblast, while at the same time they were not at all bothered by the problem that after graduating from high school, Hungarian children in Ukraine have an extremely poor command of the state language, and therefore are disadvantaged compared to other citizens of the country. Because of this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary began to block Ukraine's participation in NATO activities.

In 2019, Ukraine amended the law on education, postponing the language article until September 1, 2023, which angered Hungary, but Budapest was not happy with it.

Earlier, public figure Dmytro Snegiryov stated that a country that does not pay contributions to NATO has no right to block Ukraine's European integration aspirations.

Also, the writer Kostyantyn Koverznev reminded that we have documentary evidence that the destruction of the civilian population in the town of Koryukivka during the Second World War was carried out by servicemen of the Hungarian 105th Light Division from the Eastern Occupation Group of Troops on the instructions of the group commander, Lieutenant General Aldya-Papa Zoltan Yohan, born in 1895, a native of Budapest. In total, Hungarian units took part in the destruction of up to 60,000 civilians in Chernihiv Oblast. None of the criminals were punished by an international military tribunal.

"The Hungarian crime against peaceful Ukrainians is not recorded in history books. But this crime is a reality! – claims Koverznev. – So, when we are blackmailed by politicians from a neighboring country, who are actually heirs to Hungary's hideous segregation policy of the 20th century, we tend to remain silent. Because either we don't know much about the topic of conversation in Kyiv, or we are watching the “floor nationalists” who get choked up by the very word NATO and the obstacles Hungarian segregant politicians invent.