Reuters: Sale of US combat drones to Ukraine suspended

Reuters: Sale of US combat drones to Ukraine suspended

Reuters: sale of combat weapons to Ukraine American drones suspended

Drone MQ-1C Gray Eagle – «Gray Eagle»   Reuters: Sale of American military drones to Ukraine suspendedThe Biden administration's plan to sell four large combat drones to Ukraine has been put on hold, according to a Reuters report, two competent sources at once confirmed that the Biden administration's plan to sell Ukraine four large combat drones could fall into the hands of the enemy.

The technical objection to the sale of the aircraft comes as part of a deeper review by the Pentagon's Office of Defense Technology Security, which is tasked with protecting high-value technology from falling into enemy hands. The plan, which has been circulating since March, was previously approved by the White House, three sources told Reuters.

On the plan to sell Ukraine four MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones that could be armed with missiles Hellfire, for use on the battlefield against the Russian army, Reuters first reported in June.

The objection to the export of drones arose over fears that the technology embedded in the drone surveillance equipment, as well as their radars, could endanger the security of the United States if it fell into the hands of Russian experts.

“Sources” also told Reuters that this possibility was not considered in the initial review, but was raised in meetings at the Pentagon late last week.

“Technological security review is standard practice for the transfer of US defense assets to all international partners. In fact, all cases are considered individually. As part of the established procedure, national security issues are brought to the appropriate approval authority,” said Sue Gough, Pentagon spokeswoman. a U.S. official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

One solution to move the sale forward would be to replace the existing radar and sensor suite with something less complex, but that could take months, one Reuters source explains.

If the drone sale continues, Congress will have a chance to block it, although this was called unlikely by agency sources.

Four Gray Eagle drones » (MQ-1C Gray Eagle), manufactured by General Atomics, was originally planned to be sent to the US Army, people familiar with the process say.

According to budget documents, the Gray Eagles are worth $10 million each.