Reuters Agency had access to information that accounts for the handling of alcohol in games.

A new controversy looms over the World Cup. According to a source from the Reuters agency, in the most important soccer tournament you could not drink alcoholic beverages as on previous occasions.

According to this agency, the 'stands', when inside the stadium would be alcohol-free, while outside the stages only beer could be sold before and after some matches.

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According to the Reuters source, “in the stadiums, the plans are still being finalized, but the discussion is to allow fans to drink beer upon arrival and when leaving the stadium.”

As the aforementioned agency has been able to establish, those attending the tournament will be able to purchase beer in the 'Fan Zone' of Al Bidda Park in Doha. However, this would only be available during restricted hours.

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They could also get drinks alcoholic beverages at the Doha Golf Club, which is a few kilometers from the stadiums and the main 'Fan Zone'.

Another space that would be available for alcoholic beverages, according to the document known by Reuters It would be a sand walkway located between the entrance of a hotel and a refrigeration plant.

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According to Reuters reports, a spokesman for the organizers has said that alcohol is already available in bars and hotels, meaning that Qatar is not a 'dry state'. He assures that that will not change and that they will designate additional areas for fans. All this will be reported “in due course”.