Restrictions for Russians in Europe

Restrictions for Russians in Europe

Restrictions are being introduced for Russians in Europe

Several European countries have suspended issuing visas to Russian citizens.< /p>

According to Voice of America, the issue of a common position will be discussed at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Prague on August 31.

In particular, they are in favor of stopping visas for Russians – Poland and Sweden. Against this – Germany, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus. Although the latter stopped issuing a pro-visa (prior entry permit) for a one-time entry into the country if the exit is from the Russian Federation. Greece has stopped issuing residence permits based on investment. Malta does not yet issue investment visas.

Earlier, the European Commission announced that there would be no complete cessation of issuing visas to Russians, because this is contrary to EU standards. The UN criticized Estonia's decision to ban entry for Russian citizens. They think it's – discrimination.

Restrictions of European countries in relation to Russians:

  • The Czech Republic banned the issuance of short-term visas, except for humanitarian ones, and suspended the issuance of a residence permit;
  • Estonia has banned the issuance of tourist visas, does not accept previously issued Schengen visas;
  • Latvia will not continue residence permits, will not issue tourist visas, will restrict entry for “Schengen”;< /li>
  • Lithuania does not issue tourist visas;
  • Belgium has suspended the issuance of short-stay visas, except for student, work and family reunification visas;
  • Finland will reduce the issuance of tourist visas from September ;
  • Slovakia has restricted the issuance of tourist visas;
  • Denmark does not accept applications for visas and residence permits on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • The Netherlands has suspended the acceptance of applications for short-stay visas.
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Prepared by: Nina Petrovich