Responsible Swedish politicians will boycott the Nobel ceremony

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Responsible Swedish politicians will boycott the Nobel ceremony

Due to the invitation of the Russian ambassador to the Nobel Prize banquet in Stockholm, politicians Sweden began to express harsh criticism: some plan to boycott the event.

This is reported by “European Pravda”, which refers to Aftonbladet.

Several leaders of opposition parties canceled their invitations, and government representatives are considering the possibility of refusing to participate in the event.

The head of the Liberal Party, Carl Johan Georg Persson, said that “he is not going to sit and raise a toast to the Russian ambassador while Putin's disgusting and bloody war of aggression in Ukraine continues”.

The leader of the Center Party Muharrem Demirok said that he would not will be present at the Nobel ceremony if the Russian ambassador is there.

"I was looking forward to the opportunity to be present at the ceremony and at the Nobel party. But while Russia is at war with Ukraine, I cannot attend the same party as their ambassador. I'm happy to celebrate research and progress, but not under any circumstances,", – he wrote on Twitter.

The leader of the Swedish Left Party Nushi Dadgostar said that she will not participate in the Nobel ceremony with a representative of the Russian regime "while the bombs are falling over Ukraine".

Ex-prime minister and leader of the Social Democrats Magdalena Andersson said that she had not received an invitation to the ceremony, but, according to her, the Nobel Foundation should “seriously think about what it means to invite a representative of a regime that is waging a heinous and illegal war to the award ceremony.” in Ukraine and also threatens Sweden”.

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said that the decision to invite Russia upset many people both in Sweden and Ukraine.

"The information reached me last night, and I reacted quite sharply… The Nobel Foundation makes its own decisions. But I wouldn't invite Russia if I were in charge of the award ceremony now", – he said in an interview with the TT agency.

When asked if the prime minister will be present at the Nobel dinner, Kristersson asked for permission to return to this issue later.

Representatives of the royal family of Sweden reported that the royal family has received information about the decision of the Nobel Foundation, but has not yet made any comments. 

Foreign Affairs Minister Tobias Billström believes that the decision of the Nobel Foundation "stands out from among others”. "It is the Nobel Foundation that invites and decides who can come to the party. I haven't received an invitation to it yet", – he said in TT.

The day before, the Nobel Foundation announced its intention to invite diplomats of all states accredited in Sweden – i.e. Russian and Belarusian too – to the banquet on the occasion of the awarding of the Nobel Prizes in Stockholm, unlike last year, when representatives of the embassies of Russia and Belarus were not invited.