Resounding triumph of Pinar and Serrano with the victorinos in Albacete

September 14, 2021 by archyde

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An extraordinary, very moving show, closes the bullfights of the Albacete Fair: with very serious and encased bulls of Victorino Martin, Rubén Pinar cuts two ears and Sergio Serrano, three. The company was right on the poster, with two bullfighters from the land, hardened in a thousand battles. The two have wasted dedication and good bullfighting, making the public vibrate.

After having suffered ups and downs in your career, Ruben Pinar has curdled into an excellent fighter. One of his greatest successes has been pardoning a bull from this herd. Portagayola receives the first, who returns quickly. He girdles with it, swallowing a lot, until he throws it on his loins and rips off his vest. A chore

vibrant, epic. Mata entering very straight, the bull opens his satchel: a well-deserved ear. Already wearing jeans and a large white bandage, as a sash, he deals with the noble third: the hand runs well in natural tempers; when it stops, it gets between the pythons. Another great blow: another ear. The fifth, who knocks the horse down, stays below, brakes: the typical vermin. People see it. He ends up macheting and catching the python, as before with these bulls. A great afternoon.

Even better is Serrano serrano. He has fought less but I had already seen him play the guy, in Las Ventas. The second, brave and noble, receives him at porta gayola, gallea, chicuelinas are heart-stopping. (Greets Perea, dealing: good for the fans!). With classicism, opening the compass, he achieves stupendous crutches, endures stops, he completely sets it: lunge and two indisputable ears. The room, veleto, a little asleep, offers it to Juan Luis Galiacho, a great fan. Natural league of category, that excite. Perpendicular lunge (as usual), takes a beating: ear. The last, reservation, is offered to the teacher Antonio Rojas. With three ears in his pocket, he continues to gamble but the bull stops and searches. Endure difficult moments. Puncture (the first puncture of the afternoon), the bull and the bullfighter fall. Leave a great impression: how is it not on the poster of the Victorinos of the Autumn Fair?

The summary is very easy: an afternoon to remember, with bulls and bullfighters. The truth and the unique emotion of authentic bullfighting.


La Chata bullring. Tuesday, September 14. Victorino Martín bulls, serious and encased; good 2nd, 3rd and 4th; complicated 1st, 5th and 6th.

Rubén Pinar, very pure and gold. Big lunge (ear). In the third, lunge without lace (ear). In the fifth, half up (greetings).

Sergio Serrano, of tobacco and gold. Thrust. Notice (two ears). In the fourth, perpendicular lunge (ear). In the sixth, two jabs and a lunge (greetings).

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