Resident of the Moscow region seized more than 200 thousand rubles for the kitten, the patient COVID-19

A resident of Krasnogorsk sued the nursery, where he acquired a kitten of a rare breed, more than 200 thousand rubles. The fact that the animal was sick coronavirus infection.

Жительница Подмосковья отсудила более 200 тысяч рублей за котенка, больного COVID-19

Recently, the aggrieved party gave an interview to “MK”, where he told all the details of the incident situation. According to the inhabitant of Moscow suburbs, at a cat show, she and her companion saw pet’s breed ragdoll, namely, color “blue bicolour” in which a couple decided to stay. For “boy” they paid top nursery 85 thousand rubles. When you purchase the Pact was made that takes into account all the nuances. So if in the first week the kitten will feel ill, the breeder takes it and returns the money.

In the evening on the day of purchase of the animal, who was named Marcel, began a bloody diarrhea. The hostess took him to veterinarska clinic, where doctors diagnosed enteritis coronavirus. After a while it turned out that the new pet is also a carrier of kalitsiviroza.

When the new owner of the kitten has addressed with the claim to the breeder and she replied that her the animal was healthy, and she’s ready to take him back. However, the family of the mistress had already become attached and fall in love with Marcel, so I wanted to keep it but get a refund for the treatment. After some time, the case was sent to court as the management of the nursery did not concessions.

The Krasnogorsk city court of Moscow region decided to pay the breeder money compensation in the amount of 264 thousand roubles, as she sold a sick animal. It is noteworthy that the amount of moral damages amounted to only 10 thousand rubles, when the injured party demanded 100 thousand.

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