Repudiation of Pepe Mujica for his definition of a candidate for President: “She has a gift in favor, she is a woman, and they are fashionable”

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The former Uruguayan president thus referred to the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, who aspires to the candidacy for the Broad Front

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Repudiation of Pepe Mujica for his definition of a presidential candidate: “She has a gift in favor, she is a woman, and they are fashionable”

Mujica referred to the possible internal candidates for the Broad Front ahead of the next national elections in 2024

“I respect Carolina a lot, I respect her a lot. She has a gift in her favour: she is a woman, and they are in fashion,” said former Uruguayan president José “Pepe” Mujica about the current mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, and the possibility of being a pre-candidate by the Frente Amplio for the Uruguayan presidency in 2024.

In dialogue with El Observador, Mujica stated his support for the current mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, said that he knows him “from the guri” and that his political group (Popular Participation Movement (MPP)) will support him: “It is more in line with what Uruguay is, especially with the interior, because Canelones is like a Uruguay tiny. He has everything that Uruguay has condensed. She has taken on a job of understanding Uruguay.”

However, with respect to Cosse, she explained that, despite the fact that the MPP supported her “at a certain juncture”, she took another course: “Just because we supported it doesn't mean it was ours.” It was along these lines that she said: “ she has a gift for her, she is a woman, and they are in fashion ”, a phrase that would generate rejection within the Broad Front.

Repudiation of Pepe Mujica for His definition of a candidate for President:

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, who sounds like a possible candidate for the presidency of Uruguay EFE/Raúl Martínez

also referred to Senator Mario Bergara and considered him an “alternative” who “perhaps represents a curious space”: “I believe that its space exists in society, and it is good that it has its own representation, and it is important”. Meanwhile, the current president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, was classified as “a spare part” with the potential to be a candidate.


As expected, the repercussions were not long in coming. Cosse, for her part, was consulted about the former president's statements and declared that she would not say anything about “Pepe”: “We already know him and I love him very much.” However, she added that “on the subject” she would express herself “because it is very important” and she had received a huge number of messages.

“The movement for women's rights is inexorable, and it is the path of hope towards a better society. You don't have to put any brake on it. Those are my reflections on this issue, which is so important and so heartfelt for all of us,” she said.

The Thematic Unit for the Rights of Women Citizens of the Broad Front also expressed itself in this regard and indicated : “Women never were, are not and will not be fashion.”

From the unit they rejected “all justification or value judgments towards people”: “Within our struggles are respect and tolerance, no one can single out anyone for what they consider in their private hearts as valid and permitted. All people deserve respect.”

Mujica, meanwhile, apologized and said that she was wrong: “ I said it with humility. Perhaps the expression is not correct”. She finally concluded: “If I offended you, I apologize to the companions. Period.”

In dialogue with 970 Noticias, she explained what she meant by the expression: “When I say fashion, I mean that it is an inescapable topic of our time. Women are occupying a growing presence in university evolution. Finishing the races. It is from that side that the comparison comes. Her presence is going to be irreplaceable.”