Republicans in the US are far more likely to support Israel than Democrats

Republicans in the US are far more likely to support Israel than Democrats

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 US Republicans support Israel more often than Democrats

On the eve of Joe Biden's first visit to Israel as President of the United States, there is a friendly environment in both states: the vast majority of citizens in both Israel (89%) and and in the United States (74%) think the current bilateral relationship is good, according to a new Pew Research study.
More than half in each country also view the other country positively, although 83% of Israelis view the US positively compared to 55% of Americans who say the same about Israel.

Since Biden entered the office, Israel's confidence in the US president has fallen: 60% said they are confident that Biden is pursuing the right world policy, compared to 71% who said the same about Trump in 2019.

In 2022, Israelis are also less likely to describe Biden in positive terms as a “strong leader” (41%) and “charismatic” (27%) than Trump in 2017, but roughly equal shares of the Israeli public described both US presidents as “highly skilled” and “caring about ordinary people.” Nevertheless, Biden is half as likely (21%) than Trump (42%) to be called dangerous.

Jewish Israelis are almost twice as likely as Arab Israelis to say they trust Biden (65% vs. 34% respectively). But opinions differ markedly among Jewish religious subgroups, with about 80% of secular Jews trusting Biden compared to 58% of traditional Jews. Jews and half Haredim.

In the US, views on Israel vary widely across party lines and across age groups. Among Republicans, 71% have a positive view of Israel, compared to 44% of Democrats.

About two-thirds (69%) of the older generation “over 65” and more than half (60%) of Americans aged 50-64 have a positive view of Israel, while opinions among younger generations are mixed.

A majority (56%) of those under the age of 30 have a negative view of Israel and Jews, and are more warm towards Palestinians than older Americans.

Israelis are divided over whether Biden strikes the right balance of support for the Jewish states and the PA: 31% of Israelis say he is too supportive of Israel, 26% say he is overly supportive of the Palestinians, and 34% say Biden is pursuing a balanced policy.

In the US, citizens seem to little knowledge of Biden's policies on the Israeli-Palestinian issue: 62% were undecided, citing ignorance.

There is a particularly sharp gap in views of the United States between Israeli Jews and Arabs: 93% have a favorable view of the United States , compared to 38% of Arabs.

A majority of Israelis (55%) disapprove of Biden's plans to reopen the US consulate in East Jerusalem, compared to 26% who do.

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