Reprehensible gestures of the public in a match of the Professional League. 

The Argentine soccer match between Sarmiento and Platense was punctuated by xenophobic shouting at a Colombian soccer player.

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This is Harrinson Mancilla, a footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Sarmiento club.

The Colombian was a substitute and was on the bench for almost the entire match. At 83 minutes of play he finally entered the court. But already in stoppage time he was injured and had to be substituted.

On the way to the bench, between tears, he hugged his coach. Then there was a rain of shouts and insults from the Platense stands.

Mancilla was made xenophobic and racist insults, in acts that are condemned by the local press.

“They shouted things from the audience, something that is not justified, my teammates reacted to that. I don't see the reason they insulted me,” Mancilla told ESPN.

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There was immediate reaction from the bench Sarmiento. Coach Damonte and several players protested.

The referee whistled for the end of the match. Meanwhile, the players showed the police who had been the author of the racist insults. The match ended 0-0.

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