Reporters learned content gift backpacks for guests of the Victory Parade

On June 24, in Moscow it is planned solemn events connected with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. All guests of the parade will receive a gift backpacks.

Журналисты узнали содержимое подарочных рюкзаков для гостей Парада Победы

As it turned out, each bag is one plaid color St. George ribbons, the symbols of the holiday, models of military trucks of the Soviet Union, Soviet pilotka, a collection of poems, as well as water, because today in the capital costs in warm summer weather.

Victory parade postponed from may 9 to today because of the pandemic of coronavirus, was launched in the capital at 10:00 GMT. The far Eastern and Siberian regions of the state have already conducted these activities.

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