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Report expected on anti-Black racism from Toronto police

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The Ontario Human Rights Commission's final report on its investigation into anti-Black racism within the Toronto Police Service will be released Thursday. (Archive photo)

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Systemic discrimination, racial profiling and racism, the Ontario Human Rights Commission once again denounces systemic anti-Black racism within the Toronto Police Service. In its new public inquiry report, the organization this time recommends legally binding measures to try to respond to the continuing problems.

The report, titled From Impact to Action, released Thursday, offers more than 100 recommendations to address systemic issues of anti-Black racism within the Toronto police.

The objective: to establish accountability mechanisms for racial profiling and discrimination.

Analysis of thousands of pages of documents plus interviews with the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Services Board revealed gaps in police policies, procedures, training and accountability mechanisms of Toronto and the organization that supervises the delivery of police work, details the report.

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Even before 2020, calls to defund the Toronto Police Service were very present in light of systemic discrimination denounced within the police force. (File photo)

These failures contributed to perpetuating discrimination and fueling black people's distrust of the police, according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC).

This time, the body is making more than 100 new recommendations, including the implementation of legally binding measures to create an accountability structure.

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Ontario Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner Patricia DeGuire and Acting Executive Director Michael Harris will provide comments and answer questions from reporters Thursday morning.

This new study follows the reports A collective impact (2018) and A disparate impact(2020).

In its 2020 report, the OHRC found that Black people in Toronto are disproportionately arrested, charged and subjected to the use of force.

His 2018 report looked into racial profiling and discrimination against Black people within the Toronto Police Service.

L&#x27 Last year, a new analysis from the Toronto Police Service determined that the use of force by Toronto police officers disproportionately affected racialized people.

Former Toronto Police Service Chief James Ramer issued the apology, which was not well received by members of the the community.

As an organization, we have not done enough to ensure that every person in our city receives fair and impartial treatment from the police, he admitted.

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