Rennes: With its incinerator shut down, the metropolis will continue to export its waste

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Poubelles la vie The oldest equipment in France, the Villejean energy recovery plant is undergoing construction which must stop

Rennes: His cremation

The household waste collection tax increased in 2022 in Rennes Métropole, in particular to cover the increase in the price of gas which drives garbage trucks. —C. Allain/20 Minutes

The project was to last eighteen months for a total bill exceeding 135 million euros. Anything but trivial. Started in April 2022, the forced shutdown of of the Villejean incinerator was to end at this time. will be ready at the end of 2023 with beautiful, brand new ovens and a completely redesigned smoke evacuation system. “That was on paper. Reality turns out to be more complicated. In a press release diffused this Friday, Rennes Métropole announced the suspension of work carried out on the boilers of the oldest incinerator in France. The problem? A battle of experts around “the” interpretation of the European directive on pressure equipment,” details the metropolis.

There is no doubt that this hitch will weigh on the work schedule. “It is still too early to comment on the duration of the postponement of delivery of the equipment”, warns the community. However, the stakes are high. Firstly because the energy recovery plant may not be able to produce either heating or electricity. this winter. Inaugurated In 1968, the equipment provided energy to the equivalent of 20,000 people. But also because in the absence of its incinerator, Rennes will still have to export its waste.

Since April 1, 2022, the Breton capital has been transporting its trash to Brittany and neighboring regions. The vice-president of the metropolis delegated to Laurent Hamon recognized, however, that the carbon footprint of the operation would not be “very good”; particularly due to road transport. The metropolis, which usually has very little recourse to landfill (3% of waste) sees 20% of its bins buried during this forced shutdown.