Rennes: The president of the university calls for help from individuals to accommodate students

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SHORTAGE In Rennes, as in many large cities, some students have returned to classes without having yet managed to find a roof over their heads

Rennes  : The president of the university calls for help from individuals to accommodate students

In Rennes, the tension on student housing is reaching records this fall. — C. Allain/20 Minutes

The situation is such that the president of the university de Rennes could not avoid the subject in his back-to-school speech. “I’ve got a special thought for those who are still struggling to survive. “find accommodation,” said Tuesday David Alis. Back in class, some students are still in trouble, forcing them to have to work every evening. improvise to sleep. Due to lack of housing, others have completely given up on their pursuit. à their studies.

In the Breton capital, as in most large cities, the search for student accommodation is now an obstacle course. With the rise in rents and the scarcity of goods on the market, this tension has been further accentuated this fall. Especially since the Crous also finds itself overwhelmed. with four requests for accommodation this year at Rennes, compared to three requests last year.

The solution of housing in private homes

It is impossible in this case to be able to allocate a room or a studio to the guest. all students, even those on scholarships. Face to face Given this shortage, David Alis is therefore launching an appeal to individuals open to help. shared accommodation or who have a bedroom at their disposal. rent from them.

Sites like Lokaviz or La Maison en Ville already exist to connect students with individuals. But In Rennes and its surrounding area, announcements are rare. « We must now move on to “the higher speed,” assures the president of the university. Rennes, which notably raised awareness of university retirees on this thorny issue of housing.