Renault sees something promising in this concept car

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It does not belong to him, but the French manufacturer Renault has control over it.

Renault sees something promising in this concept car

It has false airs of Bentley, Cadillac or even Bugatti, and this is not surprising. The GT Opus 1 concept was designed by former Skoda and Bentley design manager Dirk van Braeckel and its lines illustrate those of a future luxury sedan, 100 % electric, that will be produced from next year mysterious brand BeyonCa. Behind her, the former boss of Volkswagen and Renault in China, who received the mission from the French manufacturer with the diamond to supervise this new startup with infrastructures in Germany, Singapore and China.

It is indeed Renault that is in the shadow of BeyonCa and its first concept car presented this week. An investment of an unknown amount, but which reveals the need for Renault to go and place pawns on the Chinese market with enormous potential on the question of the electric and autonomous car. GT Opus 1 foreshadows a production model that should be launched after the Beijing Motor Show 2023, far from Europe and the manufacturer's strategy to instead target micromobility with Mobilize. On site, the goal will be to compete with Audi and BMW.

Renault places its pawns

“We have to face them”, said BeyonCa CEO Soh Weiming (CEO of Renault China), referring to the brand's German competitors in the Asian market. They are the target. From the GT Opus 1 concept, the BeyonCa team then wants to boast of impeccable manufacturing quality and cutting-edge technologies. But even if it means competing with the best, you might as well take a step aside. In its latest recruits, the company has developed a health division, made up of both specialists in medical monitoring equipment and full-fledged doctors.

To put it simply, Renault with BeyonCa wants its cars to be real guarantors of the health of their occupants on board. Cardiovascular monitoring tools, in particular, will equip the cars that will work with them. If there is a problem, the car will slow down to park. At the same time, it will notify a team of doctors who will go to the site if assistance is needed. “With the medical examinations and all these things that we have to deploy, we would have a chance,”, added Soh Weiming, in a note to Reuters.

Its research and development teams would work on what they now call a “cloud doctor”, in addition to work on autonomous technologies and on increased autonomy thanks to more powerful batteries and faster recharging. “After 2025”, the brand aims to produce 100,000 copies of its cars per year, in China, and to establish itself in the markets of the Middle East and Europe as well. Renault could benefit from the fresh money it could receive with the IPO of its new Ampère entity, scheduled for next year.