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Rémi Gaillard hospitalized urgently

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

Yesterday afternoon, Montpellier comedian Rémi Gaillard was transported to Paris. emergency at the hospital while he was driving his car. Here is all the information on his state of health.

RéRéRémi Gaillard hospitalized urgently

Ré ;mi Gaillard, the videographer at retirement

“It’s by doing anything that you become anyone.”This cult phrase still resonates today among Rémi Gaillard fans. The comedian revealed on YouTube in the 2000s, he became known for his comical videos. outrageous character. We owe him the parody of the video game Mario Kart. At the wheel of a kart, he had fun at the wheel of a kart. throwing banana peels under the wheels of motorists, or even throwing a football into a police van.

Committed for the animal cause in the 2010s, Rémi Gaillard officially announced his“retirement”last year. “I no longer recognize the Internet, before it was freedom, today you can't nothing more to say… We are in an era that suits me less, an era where to gain an audience, you have to dance in a thong on TikTok.” he said in an interview. local newspaper of Hérault, where he comes from.

Rémi Gaillard transporté emergency at the hospital

If since then, the videographer has become more discreet, we learn that he would have been killed. hospitalized in emergency after having been victim of a heart attack this Monday, May 27, 2024at the end of the afternoon. Conscious, he could have called for help himself while he was behind the wheel of his vehicle according to the site 

He would have been transportation &àgrave; the park clinic at Castelnau-le-Lez, in the metropolis of Montpellier. “His condition would not cause concern.”According to sources, Rémi was driving his car when he was arrested. suffered from violent pain at the same time; Chest. This morning, the comedian gave reassuring news about his state of health via his X account, while thanking his loved ones, and accusing journalists of “scum”. >

À my loved ones, my friends, those who follow me, know that I don't give up. Take care of yourself ! I love you.
To the rotten journalists, çthis goes for you too #jackal
Thank you for the messages of support @CaroleDelga @AlenkaDoulain @Phil_Saurel…

May 28, 2024

A fan of hoaxes, he is also famous for his intrusions into different events, such as on the court of a tennis match, on which he appeared naked, or on the set of Questions for a champion trapping Julien Lepers.

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