Reliability and comfort for 5 thousand dollars: Ukrainians were shown TOP-5 used cars

Reliability and comfort for 5 thousand dollars: Ukrainians were shown TOP-5 used cars

Finding a used car in the most budget segment is always a compromise. We offer some of the most logical options that will delight you, despite your age.

Reliability and comfort for 5 thousand dollars: Ukrainians were shown TOP-5 used cars

Relatively recently, when buying a used car for several thousand dollars, Ukrainians could rely exclusively on domestic (or, God forbid, Soviet-Russian) options.

Fortunately, the development of supply in the secondary market and the import of a huge number of used cars from abroad have made comfortable and safe personal transport available to a significant proportion of Ukrainians.

The range has become so wide that disputes about the choice of a used car in the budget segment today can be compared to disputes about the origin of mankind.

There are separate churches of fans of German, Japanese or even French cars. Some motorists are sure that until 2008 better and more reliable cars were produced. And some people think it's best to choose as new a car as possible, even if it's extremely unpopular.

Considering all the arguments, HB experts named the five most successful models with mileage in the range up to $5000.

Volkswagen Golf IV

From $2500< /p>

The Golf model is one of the most massive in the global automotive industry and has been on the assembly line for almost 50 years.

The fourth generation of this car gained particular popularity and was produced from 1997 until 2010 in some markets. In Ukraine, this model also received national fame and became one of the most common due to its mass import from European countries.

The “fourth” Golf came out with several body options, including a classic five-door hatchback, station wagon, as well as more rare three-door hatchbacks and convertibles.

The model can be found with a wide variety of trim levels and features such as heated seats, climate control, cruise control, etc. Some versions even installed four- and five-speed automatic transmissions and early DSG (exclusively for the model R32), which were not very reliable.

The most popular transmission option is a five-speed manual transmission, although there were also six-speed “mechanics”.

The Golf IV received a wide range of gasoline engines, ranging from the 1.4-liter naturally aspirated to more sophisticated five- and six-cylinder engines.

Given the age of the car, it is best to stop at the classic 1.6-liter 16 -valve engine with BFQ index, which is considered one of the most reliable in the class, and which was installed on many other models of the concern.

The motor received a cast-iron cylinder block, an aluminum head, a timing belt drive and hydraulic lifters. Engine power – 102 liters. s., and consumption – about seven liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. The weakest points of this installation are floating idle speed due to throttle contamination, leaking cooling pipes and weak ignition coils.

If you are lucky with a good option, you can also consider the two-liter eight-valve APK engine, which develops 116 strength.

An eight-valve 1.9-liter turbodiesel with the ALH index, which develops 90 hp, is distinguished by an even higher resource. With. power and 210 Nm of torque. This option is still one of the most reliable and economical. Except for the naturally aspirated version of the 1.9 SDI, which received only 68 hp. With. power.

The most powerful diesel modifications with unit injectors are best avoided due to the complex and expensive fuel system to maintain.

Opel Astra H

From $3300

The freshest car in our selection, which is also widely distributed in Ukraine.

Traditionally, the Opel brand is not considered the most reliable or high resource. But thanks to their popularity, models like the Astra H have become extremely maintainable and easy to maintain in most European countries.

Besides, if you choose a well-maintained option with the most reliable engine, such a car will require a minimum investment and will not deliver you hassle.

In the case of the Astra H, the highest quality is the Ecotec 1.6-liter “aspirated” gasoline with the Z16XER index for 115 hp. With. power, as well as a 1.9-liter CDTI turbodiesel, which is most often found in a derated eight-valve version with 120 hp. p.

The Italian diesel engine is much more responsive and economical, but running options can become a problem due to a destroyed catalyst, EGR valve, particulate filter, swirl flaps, injectors, etc.

The advantage of petrol versions is also the possibility of installing LPG, which plays a significant role in the current conditions.

As with the Golf IV, the Astra H can be found in five- and three-door hatchback, wagon, sedan and convertible body styles.

Mazda 6 GG

From $3000

The Japanese “six” was produced on a joint platform with the Ford Mondeo from 2002 to 2008, and became one of the iconic cars for Ukrainian youth.

The model is still looks pretty stylish despite being 20 years old.

In the period from 2005 to 2007, the company also produced a sports version of the Mazda 6 MPS, which received all-wheel drive and a 2.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. But, unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find well-preserved versions of this car.

The main problem of the car is a very weak body, which began to rust after a few years of operation. It is precisely because of the low resistance to corrosion that many variants of cars on the “secondary” in Ukraine have either already rotted or are sold with a “overcooked” body.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to find “live” models with even the original paintwork preserved.

An indisputable plus of the model is one of the most successful two-liter Mazda LF-DE gasoline engines in the class, which produces 150 hp. With. power and 190 Nm of torque.

The motor was equipped with a timing chain drive, was unpretentious to fuel quality and showed good dynamics at a very modest consumption. Often there were only minor failures, such as thermostat or throttle failure.

The less powerful 1.8-liter L8-DE gasoline engine turned out to be a little less resourceful, which often had oil leaks from under the valve cover. Both engines were produced without hydraulic compensators, so they need to adjust the valves every 100 thousand kilometers.

The most unsuccessful of the available ones turned out to be a two-liter MZR-CD turbodiesel, which often failed sensors, attachments, injectors, high pressure fuel pumps, fuel system and other nodes.

In addition to five- and six-speed manual transmissions, you can also safely consider options with the AWTF-80 S automatic transmission for six speeds, which was installed after 2005. Four- and five-speed automatics from Ford and Jatco have proved to be much worse.

Skoda Octavia Tour

From $3000

Legendary the progenitor of the modern Octavia, which began production back in 1996, is still a hit in the secondary market.

The spacious, reliable and utilitarian car has become one of the symbols of the classic European sedan, setting the trend for many years to come.

Traditionally, the Octavia Tour has been criticized for its harsh suspension, poor quality of finishing materials and “empty” basic equipment in terms of functionality.

Although in the “top” Tour there are almost premium versions with leather interior, seat position memory, climate control control, automatic transmission, cruise control, etc.

In addition, along with this Octavia, the first version of the RS came out with a turbocharged 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 178 hp. p., which was produced from 2001 to 2005.

In our price range, it is better to look at the 1.6-liter (BFQ, 102 hp), 1.8-liter (AGN, 125 hp) and 2.0-liter (APK, 116 hp) petrol engines. ).

As in the case of the Golf IV, among the diesels, the derated eight-valve 1.9 TDI (ALH) with a capacity of 90 hp will be the most reliable. With. And, yes, the weakest naturally aspirated 1.9-liter SDI diesel was also available in models up to 2004.

The four-speed “automatic” Volkswagen 01 M, which can be found in some models, was not the most reliable. Therefore, it is better to choose a five- or six-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Camry XV30

From $4000

This car in this price range can be considered only in early versions and with rather impressive mileage.

“Thirty” was produced only five years, but is still considered one of the most highly liquid cars in the secondary market of Ukraine.

The car is valued for its comfort, smoothness, quality of materials and, of course, reliability.

Available options include naturally aspirated 2.0 (144 hp) and 2.4-liter (157 hp) VVT-i petrol engines, as well as more powerful versions of the 3.0 V6 (210 hp). ) and 3.3 liters (225 hp).

All motors have a relatively high resource, although it is the larger versions that are considered to be the true standard of reliability. Especially a three-liter engine without a VVT-i system, which was produced until 2003, and whose resource easily exceeds 500 thousand km without major repairs. With proper maintenance, of course.

This generation of Camry was equipped with several automatic transmission options from Aisin for four and five speeds, as well as a rather rare five-speed “mechanics”.

Without exception, versions of automatic transmissions are durable and unpretentious in maintenance (oil and filter change every 80-90 thousand km).

One of the few disadvantages of this car is not the best dynamics and high consumption, so many models resale” are often sold with HBO installed.