Referee Rebecca Welch made English football history

    Referee Rebecca Welch made English football history

    Rebecca Welch made history this Monday in English football by be the first referee to lead a professional male category matchto the Harrogate-Port Vale, from League Two (fourth division).

    Born in Washington (north) 37 years ago, was appointed after her good performances throughout the season and his appointment was approved by those responsible for the arbitration group, Mike Riley y Mike Jones.

    It is the first chosen for a professional meeting in the United Kingdom.

    In 2010, Amy Fearn directed the last twenty minutes of a second category match between Coventry and Nottingham Forest by the injury of the titular referee.

    Welch, who already had the opportunity to lead the English Women’s Cup final at Wembley in 2017, qualified this designation as “the greatest success” of his career and she pointed out that when she decided to be a referee eleven years ago she could not imagine being the first referee to achieve this achievement.

    A worker for the National Health Service a few years ago – I expect to return when she finishes her refereeing career – she played soccer as a child and trained in refereeing at the Durham Association.

    She began coaching at university matches and after reaching the Women’s Super League in December of last year was included in the UEFA women’s elite list.

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