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Reduction of the gun violence in Toronto, a drop of 30% in 5 years

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Police say their strategies to fight arms trafficking are paying off.


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In 2023, the City of Toronto continued its downward trend in gun violence, after experiencing a historic peak five years ago.

In 2019, the Toronto Police Service reported 469 shootings and shootings that killed or injured 270 people.

On December 20, 2023, these figures had decreased by almost 30% with 326 reports of firearm use and 153 people killed or injured.

This is a significant drop when we compare these figures to those of other places in Canada or the United States, where the number of shootings and deaths are not high. homicides are increasing, says Superintendent Steve Watt, who works in the Toronto police's organized crime unit.

He attributes this success, at least in part, to the focus on detention, interventions and prevention strategies.

He adds that the decline in gun violence means fewer victims and paves the way for more resolution of shooting investigations. Police solved 15% before 2019 and more than 50% this year.

Watts says the main goal is to maintain this downward trend through community and social programs that involve other sectors and the public.

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Louis March is the founder of the group Zero Gun Movement. He commends the federal government for increasing border patrols and helping to stop the illegal importation of weapons into the country.

He also applauds the participation of different sectors such as health, education, social and community services and youth services, an initiative undertaken under the SafeTO plan in 2021.

They no longer work in silos. It’s a more collaborative approach, he adds.

However, Louis March remains cautious and points out that other crimes such as car thefts, which are on the rise, or burglaries could also be perpetrated with armed violence.

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Louis March is the founder of the activist group Zero Gun Movement.

The criminal mind doesn't take a break. It evolves, the same way we evolve and change the way we do things, he explains.

All the places where organized crime can making strong financial gains is where we must focus our efforts.

Louis March emphasizes the need to invest in community programs, housing, employment, mental health, particularly in historically underserved areas of the City.

In conclusion, he recalls the importance of statistics, which may also reflect the feeling of insecurity fueled by acts of violence on transport or shootings in broad daylight.

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