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Red One: explosive first trailer for this comedy with Dwayne Johnson

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

Amazon and MGM have just released the first trailer for Red One, a summer action comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and J.K. Simmons. First politically incorrect images as we like them.

Red One: explosive first trailer for this comedy with Dwayne Johnson

What is Red One?

Made by by Jake Kasdan, the director behind the last two Jumanji, Red One is a summer action comedy taken by Dwayne Johnson and J.K. Simmons. Produced by MGM Studios and Amazon Prime Video, Red One stars Dwayne Johnson in the shoes of a security agent. of the North Pole. He teams up with a bounty hunter incarnate by Chris Evansto find the trace of Santa Claus, campé by J.K. Simmons, recently kidnapped. Along the way, our hero will have to face Christmas folklore like Krampus and demonic snowmen.

An explosive first trailer

Given these first images, Red One promises to be an explosive action film. Jake Kasdan seems to have pulled out all the stops in terms of credentials. Christmas. Reindeer, the sleigh, the long red coat, snowmen, Krampus, they are all there. for this joyful, offbeat and decrepit action comedy. Jam-packed humorous, the film promises to be an irreverent proposition with a tone somewhere between Deadpool and Dungeons and Dragons.

Red One: explosive first trailer for this comedy with Dwayne Johnson

Red One is based on on an original story by President Hiram Garcia from Seven Bucks Productions. Frequent Seven Bucks collaborator Chris Morgan, who previously worked with the company on numerous films in the Fast and Furious universe, wrote the script. We leave you with these first images and a new poster shared by Dwayne Johnson in person. The film does not yet have a set release date but will be released next November exclusively in cinemas, a fairly rare occurrence for an Amazon production.

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