Red alert in the music industry: “There are desperate people who have already gone to pick fruit in the fields”

Red alert in the music industry: “There are desperate people who have already gone to pick fruit in the fields”

700,000 people work directly or indirectly in the music industry. This Thursday they will protest in almost 30 cities to ask for help from the administrations

Red alert in the music industry:

Pin, bread, out . Last week the Ministry of Health launched an aggressive campaign to raise awareness against the spread of Covid-19. To ask for prevention, the ad shows the public crowded together at a concert and then an old woman on a stretcher next to a toilet; the first image is undoubtedly from the archive, since since March not a single musical performance has been held in Spain in which the attendees gather as in that announcement.

In reality, it is the 700,000 people who work directly or indirectly for the music industry who are out there. “The situation is dramatic and alarming, and there is no possible progressive recovery in sight during 2021,” says Ana Alonso, prevention technician, worker at a company in Madrid.

“Our sector has been particularly affected. Companies and concert halls are closing, there are thousands of families without a euro for seven months, many workers have changed professions, there are desperate people who have gone to the fields to pick fruit,” he reveals Alonso, who is one of the spokespersons for the Red Alert platform, which this Thursday the 17th has called mobilizations throughout Spain to “make visible the vulnerability and helplessness of the music sector in the current situation.”

This day of protests in almost 30 cities points directly to the municipal and regional administrations and the Government of Pedro Sánchez . “Within the cultural industries, music has been left behind while other sectors have been able to reengage in the new normal. The Minister of Culture could have done more to protect the sector, but this situation affects more ministries such as Tourism, Industry or Finance, “says Alonso.

Before the mobilization on Thursday, last week the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe s, invited the representatives of the platform to an urgent meeting with the intention of avoiding this day of protests, but they preferred to “maintain the meeting after the mobilizations, in order to have a base to work with. “

Without festivals or large concerts since March, with a few performances conditioned by security and prevention limitations, the sector has also suffered countless last-minute cancellations ordered by local administrations. “Yes, many cancellations a few days before the concert or even the same day, despite complying with all the demands, especially by fearful municipalities.”

The list of musicians supporting the protest is endless. Raphael, Rozalén, Jorge Drexler, Coque Malla, Kiko Veneno, Sergio Dalma, Vetusta Morla, Miguel Poveda, Rebeca, Carmen Boza, Izal, Canijo de Jerez, Sidecars … They are joined by representation agencies, production companies, concert halls , festivals …

“On a tour there is a well-known artist and 39 people who are behind it,” recalls Alonso. “We need urgent measures , but not to be better, but simply to survive.”

Many artists have supported the mobilization on their social networks, as well as companies and concert halls.

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