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Recorded in between combat work: Boombox presented a new song "Khvirtka"


Ukrainian band Boombox presented a new lyrical track “Hvirtka” and a music video of the same name. The clip was shot by Stas Gurenko, Andrii Khlyvnyuk's brother-in-law from the Sofia patrol police unit.

The song “Khvirtka” was recorded during a charity tour in the Trixx studio in Berlin in just two days. The musicians believe that this is “the most unusual of the songs” of the band, because it was inspired by American music – blues-rock and country.

Andrii Khlyvnyuk jokingly describes the premiere as follows: “American music played by Ukrainians and recorded by the Germans”. The musician notes that almost country in the beginning is replaced by powerful rock, which is interwoven with DJ Valik's scratches and samples.

“Firtka” is a song without any subtext, just a song about love, with angels, devils, blues and funk. That is, with all the components on which a real rock hit should be built, – clarifies Hlyvniuk.

Stas Gurenko, Khlyvnyuk's brother from the “Sofia” patrol police division, director of “Boombox” videos, is glad that he not only acted as a composer and second guitarist, but also managed to shoot a video for “Khvirtka” in between combat work and tours.

It's an incredible feeling – we turn on the lights, I work behind the camera, everyone around laughs… Then the blackout, and we issue fines to the occupiers, Gurenko shared.

3 On April, the “Boombox” band will start a new tour – “North American Dronotur 2024”. This day they will play their first concert in Vancouver. All funds will be used to purchase equipment and UAVs for the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

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