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Record volume at the port of Sept-Îles in 2023

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The port of Sept-Îles plans to continue launched in 2024. (Archive photo)

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In 2023, 36.6 million tonnes of goods, mainly iron ore, passed through the port of Sept-Îles. This is the highest level since 1979, making it the second largest port in Canada.

The port organization expected to cross the mark of 40 million tonnes of cargo handled by 2023. Forest fires and storms played spoilsport by forcing the halt of certain mining activities.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">That said, Sept-Îles is ahead of Montreal in terms of volume handled, but is still behind Vancouver. Year in, year out, at least 140 million tonnes of goods are transshipped there.

The export of iron plays a large part in the growth of the port of Sept-Îles. Ore Fer Québec, in particular, but also Rio Tinto IOC and Tacora, transported a total of 34 million tonnes of iron ore, or 93% of transshipments.

The Labrador Trough, currently, it enjoys an interest in the iron market and the steel market which is truly extraordinary. We see a strong trend in relation to the attraction of all steelmakers to come and stock up on this high quality iron, said the President and CEO of the Port, Pierre D. Gagnon, at the microphone of Hello the Coast.

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Pierre D. Gagnon emphasizes that the port can be expanded to accommodate an additional 80 million tonnes per year. (Archive photo)

Développement économique Sept-Îles (DÉSI) welcomes the growth in the volume of iron passing through the Port of Sept-Îles.

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ELSE ON NEWS: Canada is working to reimpose the visa on many Mexicans< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The organization believes that port facilities have everything they need to attract new industries, especially those in the iron and steel industry. DÉSI is working to ensure that the Swedish company H2 Green Steal establishes a mega green steel mill in the region. The president of its board of directors, Chantal Pitt, sees this as an opportunity to diversify the region's exports.

We are rendered in the second transformation. We're talking about being able to take our ore that comes from here, keep it here, transform it here and then make something completely different with it. I think it’s still very positive, says Chantal Pitt.

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Iron exports represent almost all of the activities of the Port of Sept-Îles. (Archive photo)

The port of Sept-Îles forecasts a year 2024 marked by growth, even believing it will surpass the 40 million mark of tonnes of cargo handled.

The current capacity of the multi-user wharf is 50 million tonnes. However, it could increase to 80 million tonnes in port facilities, according to the port's CEO.

The second phase of the multi-user quay would need to be completed to bring in 50 million tonnes. It should be remembered that the Pointe-Noire wharf, which was already used for the Wabush mine, is not currently used. Around 30 million tonnes can be put to good use by setting up new facilities, he explains.

The growth of port activities, however, increases risks for the environment, indicates by email the assistant professor of biology at Laval University, Émilie Saulnier-Talbot.

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The effects of climate change, such as the retreat of ice cover, are supplanting those of human activities in the Bay of Sept-Îles, according to Émilie Saulnier -Talbot. (Archive photo)

She directs the Research Chair on coastal ecosystems and port, industrial and maritime activities. The Port of Sept-Îles supports our research, without influencing it, specifies the researcher.

His research team has been studying the aquatic environment of the bay of Sept-Îles and surrounding areas for four years.

We have not yet detected any significant impacts attributable solely and unequivocally to port activities on the ecosystem. It seems that the effects of climate change surpass anthropogenic activities in terms of impact on the ecosystem, writes Émilie Saulnier-Talbot.

We must remain aware that port activities can disturb the ecosystem in several ways, whether through noise, light, the introduction of species and the discharge of contaminants into the environment, she adds.

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